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Project Description
Due to deforestation, water shortages and overgrazing, rural families in Afghanistan suffer from constant food insecurity and poverty. Additionally, decentralization of institutions has just begun and is barely implemented so that the rural Population suffers from knowledge gaps and insufficient Support by government institutions and Services. The overalll Goal of the "Green Initiative for Afghanistan´s agriculture (GIAA)" is to improve the livelihoods of poor rural families thanks to enhanced Afghan professional and institutional capacity for sustainable Management of land and water resources. Through cascade Training and Coaching processes of Afghan professionals, rural community members are enabled to manage their natural resources sustainably. In parallel, by being provided with and experiencing evidence form the field, decision makers improve policies on natural resource Management and their implementation. The Project will have two main components: 1. Curriculum development, intership and scholarship possibilities at agricultural institutions are improved and developed. 2. Training of Afghan decision makers and Extension staff on sustainable agricultural and water resource Management. Both activities will help, directly through better education possibilties for rural Population and indirectly through imporved Extension Service and better organized provincial Offices, to improve the livelihoods and agricultural production of the rural Population and make it more sustainable. Direct outcomes will be: 1. Women and men farmers manage their natural resources more sustainably, thanks to better qualified natural resource Management professionals. 2. Afghan institutions improve and apply sustainable natural resource Management policies. Project Areas will be Kabul, Bamyan and Takhar.