Teach For Afghanistan Organization

Teach for Afghanistan Organization (TAO)

Teach for Afghanistan organization (TAO) is an educational organization with stated mission to improve quality education by empowering young men and women talents to become transformational change makers in the classroom, school and community.

2.0 The Purpose and Objectives of Training

The aim of this training is to develop the teaching capacity of 80 male and female young graduates in the field of pedagogy and teaching in order to provide high quality teaching service through improved teaching methods. Our vision is to build the capacity of TAO fellows in order to have, excellent, innovative and desired outcomes in schools. The training provider firm should design and develop a 20 days training program for gender-responsive teaching pedagogy drawing on the materials developed by MoE Teacher Education Program ( Inset trainings) to build up the capacity of trainees in areas of or t pedagogical skills, including  planning ( yearly plans, monthly plans, student centered active teaching methods, formative and summative assessment, class management and parent and community relation in improved students’ learning  inside public schools in Jalalabad city including three districts of Nangarhar province. The training will be informed by the competency framework developed by MoE Teacher Education Department.

TAO is seeking a competent and experienced consultant to design and conduct this training. The training package should be flexible enough to be delivered to trainees of primary, secondary and high school level. This training is tentatively scheduled between July and August.