Tetra Tech Womens Leadership Developmetn

~~The PROMOTE IDIQ represents USAID’s largest ever investment in women’s empowerment.  It also represents USAID’s biggest investment in shaping the image of its legacy in Afghanistan, making it among the highest profile projects implemented by the Agency in country since the fall of the Taliban.  Task Order 02, Women’s Leadership Development (WLD), was issued at the same time as the IDIQ.  WLD is a large-scale training program that will deliver training in management and leadership skills as well as work and life skills, respectively, to different populations of Afghan women.  The primary target group will be comprised of college-educated women in the country’s largest cities who will participate in all PROMOTE TOs and receive management and leadership training through WLD.  The second and final target group includes a smaller set of younger, less educated women, not reached by any other PROMOTE TO, who will participate in work and life skills (WLS) training that will provide them with the necessary skills to pursue meaningful vocations and contribute financially to household income.  In total, WLD will train more than 25,000 women (about 18,000 primary and 7,000 secondary beneficiaries).