1. General Background of Project / Assignment

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GoA) has obtained funding from the World Bank (IDA Grant) for a seven-year Program for improving the road connectivity across the Hindukush mountain range north of Kabul. The THRCP project has a total estimated cost of US$ 250 million, most of which are to be spent on civil works for the construction of the Baghlan to Bamiyan (B2B) road and for the rehabilitation of the Salang pass road and the Salang Tunnel, and for the supervision of works for the same roads. The project funds are also to be used for regular technical audits by an independent international auditor to verify that road works have been executed in compliance with the technical specifications.

The main objective this project is to improve road transport connectivity across the Hindukush mountain range.  This objective will achieve through (i) rehabilitation of 86 km of Salang Pass and development of 152 km of Baghlan to Bamiyan (B2B) road to become a viable alternative to the Salang Pass, and (ii) to establish suitable arrangements for the management, maintenance and operation of those two roads. The objective of this project can only be achieved through an integral project which combines the above mentioned elements.

MPW through the PMT of THRCP project seeking an Administrative Assistant to be dually qualified in the Public Administrative System for the Trans Hindukush Road Connectivity Project.