Titan Eye construction & Engineering company

Titan Eye Construction and Engineering Company established in 2010 in Afghanistan.
Since its inception, Titan Eye Construction and Engineering Company steadily expanded its operations, whilst developing expertise across a range of engineering project. Working as sole business entity as well as under a joint venture business partnering arrangements provision of high quality finished.
Projects of diverse nature and disciplines throughout Afghanistan, those meet the clients’ highest expectations.
Titan Eye Construction and Engineering Company undertook and completed diverse kind of project in various parts, including remote high-risk areas, of the country for international projects implementing entities like USACE, USAID, AFCEE UN, & PRT. Project awards were received both as prime as well as subcontractor working for the prime contractors like IOM, LES, Pro-built, and ECCI.
Titan Eye Construction and Engineering Company is a leading Engineering and Construction organization operating in Afghanistan. Backed up by the depth and range of our capability, financial strength and expertise, we have successfully completed ECP projects for infrastructure, roads and vertical construction.
The company guards its reputation by exercising proven successful tools & techniques of effective project management in the local context and in the line with the prescribed requirements of our quality, cost and
Schedule standards has attributed in attaining our valuable Clients’ confidence and trust. Going by the same philosophy, our primary focus has been and always will be on meeting client’s needs and expectations through efficiency, Professionalism and commitment.
The head office of the Titan Eye Construction and Engineering Company is located in Kabul.