Top Vision Group of Companies is owned by an Afghan Company.  The core business are:  Construction & Engineering , Logistic Supply & transportation, Marketing, Consultancy Service and General Trading.  The company was formed in 2009 as Logistic & Supply and since then has growth well and providing services to several major clients in different sectors, both commercial and military, within Afghanistan.

Top Vision is undergoing an aggressive expansion program including the building of 7 regional office.  Since incorporation Top Vision has managed to develop to become one of the major suppliers of force protection materials and products.  The expansion program aims to make Top Vision one of the most capable and efficient organization in different business sectors, and the companies operating within Afghanistan.  Top Vision has recently recruited professional directors to assist in development and interfacing with military and western companies. 

Top Vision is totally committed to the rebuilding of Afghanistan and the development of the country for the benefit of the Afghan Nation.  The company has 62 full time employees spread over 7 Main Zones; the company also employs additional staff on short term contracts.

Top Vision has a fixed pricing structure, and  these are reviewed periodically. We feel that it is able to fill the whole in the market niche, and will benefit from the gaps.