Toran Afghanistan Developmental and Educational Organization

Toran Afghanistan Developmental and Educational Organization (TADEO) was registered with Ministry of Economics in 2012 as a developmental and educational organization to take part in strives for developing an aware and responsible society with democratic values. Since education is the key factor for institutionalizing of these values; TADEO put step forward to educate the different segments of the Afghan society through unprecedented approaches such as conducting capacity building trainings, leadership development programs,  groups meetings, members of a given body meetings, public awareness campaigns and enhancing effective participation in political processes such as elections.
To name some of the major programs carried out so far, they were as Town-Hall Meetings (Taqwiate Rabita Wakil o Mowakil), Minority Outreach, Afghan Leadership Academy (Trainings of university students on leadership skills), Cultural Activity Extension, Legislative Programs with MPs, Policy-Making Group Meetings, Speak Up Program broadcasted by Tolo TV, Rural Working Groups and Civic Voter Education, Developing Position Papers on identifying Minorities problems and Solutions and Publishing TADEO Monthly. Moreover, TADEO is committed to struggle for spotlighting those marginalized or ignored sections of the society which have never been cared before. In addition, TADEO has recently begun research and advocacy on empowering provincial councils and convention of village, district and municipal councils and mayoral elections.
Last year, May 15th 2014, TORAN signed a contract with Tawanmandi to run a project under “Amendment of Provincial Council Law and Conducting Village, District and Municipal Councils and Mayoral Elections” and now TADEO is in stage of drafting a proposed law for an empowered provincial council to serve a better local governance purposes in the country. Hence, qualified Afghans who have great knowledge and expertise on legal affairs are invited to the named position considering the following responsibilities, skill and competencies.