Under the overall supervision of the Representative and the direct supervision of the Program Officer/Humanitarian Assistance, the Humanitarian SRH/GBV Coordinator will be responsible for the planning, coordinating, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the project Respond to urgent and emerging health needs arising from the Kunduz crisis and North Eastern Region. The Humanitarian SRH/GBV Coordinator will be based in Kabul with frequent traveling to north eastern provinces.
The Humanitarian SRH/GBV Coordinator facilitates and coordinates rapid implementation of health project supported by CERF in humanitarian emergency setting, in accordance with Inter Agency Standing Committee guidelines, such as the IASC Guidelines on Reproductive Health and GBV Interventions in Humanitarian Settings. Also it should be in accordance with the Minimum Initial Service Package (MISP) implementation, tools on capacity building of health workers in clinical management of rape survivors, GBV Coordination Handbook, involving multiple organizations and actors from the displaced and host communities, NGO and government implementing partners, UN agencies, and other national and international organizations to engage in implementation of humanitarian projects. The thematic focus of humanitarian and emergency support will be centred on reproductive health and GBV in emergencies.
The Humanitarian SRH/GBV Coordinator’s duties include liaison and coordination with MoPH, BPHS implementing organizations and UN agencies at provincial level, training and sensitization, strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation. The Coordinator will use the above mentioned tools and companion materials to facilitate implementation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of SRH/GBV and community based health proposed activities, as outlined in the project document. S/he works closely with the Humanitarian and RH Program Officers and other programme staff providing analysis of projects. The Humanitarian SRH/GBV Coordinator supervises the project activities implemented by the Implementing partners of UNFPA in humanitarian crisis focusing on SRH and GBV in the provinces based on needs. Also the Humanitarian SRH/GBV Coordinator participates in the health and GBV Sub-Clusters meeting in the North-Eastern Region.