Wahidullah Ahmad Zai Co Ltd (WAZ) is a leading firm supporting the reconstruction of developing nations, like Afghanistan, while promoting economic growth and higher living standards among the people of those nations. WAZ is founded upon a set of core values which distinguish and guide us. Social responsibility, adherence to international and domestic laws, and a commitment to making a difference in the communities where we work are the heart of our business.
WAZ is formally registered with the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and AISA, with Headquarters in Kabul, along with countrywide branch offices. WAZ is one of the oldest oil marketing company in Afghanistan. The company was established in mid 2002 by Mr. Haji Wahid Mohammad. Wahidullah Ahmad Zai is an Afghan entrepreneur who belongs to a noble family that has played  a significant role in the history of Afghanistan. Mr. Wahidullah Ahmad Zai is a leader in marketing/supplying international standard quality aviation fuel and also has a wide range of knowledge on everything from formulating better fuel quality up to effective cost management.
Following customer requirements research that was conducted in Afghanistan, WAZ Co. Ltd has made major improvements to meet client requirements in order to offer greater efficiency, responsiveness, and professionalism. Today WAZ is like other major international companies which is able to attract new business because of the demonstrated stability of the ongoing operations and the strength of its repeat business. We try our level best to give our clients the best possible service and to develop long and fruitful business relationships.
WAZ leverages a broad network that combines the skills, experience, and infrastructure of established international and domestic partners. These relationships allow us to provide exceptional service in a dynamic and challenging political and security environment. WAZ is closely following the security situation on the ground as well as in the region to determine any affects that it may potentially have on WAZ’s transport of fuel and non-fuel items. WAZ will ensure that our deliveries of goods are on a timely basis, and that contingency plans are properly executed to ensure excellent service in a challenging environment. WAZ’s personnel and partners are briefed on an ongoing basis regarding the dynamic security situation and are fully aware of their responsibilities in ensuring security of personnel and cargo.
Furthermore, WAZ has appropriate security measures and quality control plans in place. WAZ provides access to information, security situation analysis, material quality analysis, and physical security. We have established relationships with international and domestic law enforcement To minimize risk and make the most cost-effective and efficient business decisions possible. From safeguarding individuals to protecting physical operations, our team is uniquely qualified to provide Mission critical security and risk assessment throughout Afghanistan. WAZ provides our clients with a wealth of experience and a far reaching network of sources and contacts. Our team is exceptionally well trained and experienced with all aspects of Physical Security, Fuel Transportation and Project Management in Afghanistan