Watan’s Social & Technical Services Association

Watan’s Social and Technical Service Association «WSTA» is a humanitarian agency, established in 1992 for the purpose of humanitarian assistance to Afghans in Pakistan and Afghanistan .This organization has been registered with   the  planning ministry and has the permission to work in all over  the country. WSTA also has been registered with ANCB, ACBER and based on code No. WON and registration No. OPS-CR-0535, with estimable UNOPS office.
This Organization started its activity as a small leather- craft income- generating unit. Within a short period of time, the organization managed to market its leather products successfully in Pakistan. And now WSTA implement many projects for Afghan returnees and local peoples in Afghanistan and will continue.
Apart from bringing income to the Organization, this unit provided employment to some Afghans working in the unit.
Project Objective:
This organization wants to conduct 4 months poultry and tailoring training program for 50 individuals of marginalized woman from IDPs, Returnees and host community in different sub -villages of Nowabad village Kapissa province. The program will be taught by local training masters (women) and will include hygiene education and basic literacy classes for 120 individuals. The trainees will be SELECT SQL_CACHEed by a team comprising WSTA, DoRR, local community Shura and IDPs / returnees representatives. The project is aimed to empower women to acquire skill and be able to earn a livelihood for themselves and their families. The outcome of this project is to develop coordination and networking among women in the targeted areas, to enable women to earn income on continued basis and be self-reliant and not depended of external aid, to empower women through group formation and enable them to be productive members of the society, to provide hygiene education, literacy  to vulnerable women in the targeted villages so that they can pay attention to their personal hygiene, environment hygiene and food and drinking water  hygiene, to enhance the living level of the targeted poor families, these motioned goals and objectives by close cooperation and coordination with DoRR, Local community Shuras, Department of women affairs will be achieved. Then continuously monitoring of the implementation of the approved plan and appointing and hiring qualified staff or trainers makes the proposed project to be achieved easily.