Women & Children Legal Research Foundation (WCLRF) was established in March 2003. WCLRF is focused in the area of research, advocacy and raising awareness with the aim of reducing violence against women and improving their skills and knowledge for equal social and political participation both at local and national levels.

So far WCLRF’s activities are covering provinces of Kabul, Parwan, Balkh, Badakhshan, Heart ,Kandahar  and Nangarhar both urban and rural area and planning to expand its presence in other provinces of the country. WCLRF has its main office in Kabul and have 2 small offices in Balkh and Nangarhar.

This particular announcement is to recruit one officer to lead the project on combating Sexual Exploitation and harassment against women and girls, with primer focus in developing policy and raise awareness.

The Project Officer will play an instrumental role in ensuring the successful completion of the project milestones within budget. In general, the Project officer will be in charge of managing all staff on the project; ensuring the quality control of all outputs; developing and maintaining relationships with key decision makers and stakeholders; and donor reporting. The successful management of the project will lead to the creation of a support network to adopt a legislative provision and policy on sexual harassment in Afghanistan, as well as, implement some pilot activities.