Yama Ramin Media Production (YRMP)

The Yama Ramin Media Production (YRMP) is a dynamic independent media production company. For the past 17 years YRMP has been producing first class programming across a variety of formats and platforms.

YRMP was established in 1995 and has positioned itself as dynamic, independent and the largest production house in Afghanistan for the past 17 years.

The company is based in Afghanistan; Kabul the well-known for its “Shahr-E-Naw” where the office located.

YRMP is also reputable content provider to the multination telecom companies such as; Roshan, MTN and AWCC and providing various types of content to these telecom companies.

YRMP was also selected to record Video and Audio concerts of legendary and beloved singers of Afghanistan such as Amir Jan Saboori and Waheed Qasimi. Our client is our master.

YRMP mission is to think your way; to fully understand your vision and your goal in order to create greatest result in terms of creativity and innovation to meet your expectation. In highly competitive environment, we aim to be the leading reference and preferred business partner in local and international markets.