Zanbaq Furniture and Interiors Co. Ltd

Zanbaq Furniture and Interiors Co. Ltd newly registered company in heart of city Kabul,

Afghanistan, primarily dealing in furniture & interiors of finest quality. At ZFI we make it easy for

you to create your ideal living space by offering high quality furniture that will look perfect while

meeting the style of your choice at your home or at your office. Our products include Leather

Sofas, Malaysian wood (rubber, oak or solid wood) furniture, Bedroom Furniture, solid oak

furniture, Oak Beds, oak dining furniture & high quality (wooden) office furniture, crystal lights

of wide range, handmade Kaleen (High Quality Afghan Kaleen).

We offer a wide range of both classic and contemporary furniture so youre sure to find pieces

that will complement your individual tastes and styles perfectly. Sofa, Oak Beds, dining furniture,

Office furniture, and Oak or Rubber wood Bedroom Furniture is carefully crafted to complement

your home.

Our valued partners have more than two decade experience with its specialization in designing,

developing and mass-producing of upholstery sofa, Wooden Furniture for home and office,

Interiors i.e. crystal lights of unique design and selection of Kaleen make us  

Partnering with internationally recognized brands of Furniture & Interiors, ZFI is unique company

in Afghanistan that can offer finest quality products which meet the contemporary European &

Western style.