Zardozi – Markets for Afghan Artisans

Zardozi - Markets for Afghan Artisans has provided marketing support services to homebound Afghan women embroiderers since 1984. Since 2008, Zardozi has been implementing a female commission agent system whereby women working from home access local markets through mobile female commission agents (known as sale agents). Over the past two years, Zardozi has focused on recruiting and developing the capacity of sale agents and the skills of home workers, encouraging women to trade in finished products, facilitating product development and leveraging informal sales networks. Zardozi has newly established a home workers’ and sale agents’ Guild that will continue to not only support sale agents and home workers but also engage in subsector growth and development.

Zardozi’s vision for the Guild includes providing regionally adjusted support services to women throughout Afghanistan over the next decade. At present, Zardozi works in Kabul, Jalalabad, Mazar and Herat.