Karim Zarin is a unique initiative Printing and Advertising Company which provides a distinctive and full printing and advertising services with having registration of Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA).

We are involved in providing services in this sector for a long time in Afghanistan. Here at Karim Zarin, we shape and set quality standards for whole marketing campaign from A to Z for the benefit and convenience of our clients and customers.

Our company is managed by a team of expert administrative and operative staff. Karim Zarin operates independently with a dedicated board of directors and professional reliable team. At Karim Zarin Advertising Company we always believe in returning wealth to the society we serve by injecting back the earnings in prominent investments and ventures. With this framework, we put up our enterprise to respond to the demands of the country we work in.
We believe that expansion of our company is highly based on our competency and expertise in providing best quality services and products. Karim Zarin Advertising Company & our managers have a vast knowledge and history in dealing with NGOs, Governmental, national & international agencies.