Analyst, Enterprise System
Vacancy Number:KVID20170226-35614
Title: Analyst, Enterprise System
Exp.:2017-02-26-(8 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Organization:Roshan Telecom |About Roshan Telecom
Education:• Bachelors degree in finance or related field (business Administration) at minimum;
Work Experience:• Minimum 2 finance experience, and or in a Years

~~• Accounting statements, generating monthly actual billing report statements showing actual billing and projecting of funnel lead vs Budget.
• Monthly meetings with billing and collection to reconcile all accounts billing, to ensure billing accuracy monthly.
• Setup a database of all contracts to ensure proper reference to changes and billing for each account are tracked and update every quarter. Hardcopies of contract should be code referenced and filed.
• Monitor the activity of actual accounts and ensure they are using services as per contract, and escalate a breach where necessary.
• Manage and report on a monthly base the CAPEX budget allocated to Enterprise budgets.
• For all the above, a new process flow chart is to be developed, with documentation flow, to ensure that the procure to pay process incorporates the monitoring and valuation of inventory movement from stock to CWIP to FA. Shall be responsible for all Enterprise inventory reporting and asset database reconciliation with finance.
• Shall be the AX administrator for the Enterprise team.

Duties & Responsibilities

~~System Analyst shall manage the financial aspects of all company accounts. The project controller shall be financial managers who oversee revenues billing verify of all accounts. Typical work duties may include preparing and presenting financial statements and creating annual account budget progress and forecasting.

System Analyst shall manage the financial accounting for all enterprise accounts. Performing account monitoring and data collection (contracts) to determine if all accounts are progressing according to budget. This may include conducting account audits during the course of the year (monthly in arrears).

Submission Guideline

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