Coordinator, Marketing
Vacancy Number:KVID20170226-35617
Title: Coordinator, Marketing
Exp.:2017-02-26-(8 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Organization:Roshan |About Roshan
Education: High school graduate, Bacheldors in Business Administration and Marketing are preferred.
Work Experience: 3-5 of work experience work experience wit Years

2.1  Third-Party Data Validation, Invoicing, and Payment Confirmation:
 Ensure third party vendors timely uploading/sharing of all vendor CDR logs or summary reports by the 2nd of every month up for on time RA validation. Guarantee quality data submission as per the agreed formats and ensure that all aspects are sanitized for quick closure.
 Follow through to ensure complete closure of all third party vendors data validation  with RA, if there are any technical hi-cups, to flag the issues to both the VAS et al relevant teams for immediate action.
 Follow through and ensure complete closure of all third party vendor data validation that requires technology input for closure for RA validation purpose.
 Follow through and ensure RAs timely validation of the third party vendors data on monthly bases and share the validated reports with Vendors for further invoicing.
 Follow through post data validation with third party vendors to timely submit their monthly invoices based on approved amounts.
 Tracking of all third party vendors data validation and invoicing to completion within the subsequent month.
2.2  Financial Invoicing and Payments reconciliations with the Finance Department (Accounts, Treasury and Billing):
 Develop and maintain an accurate and updated third party et al vendor cross functional reconciliation sheet which has all the vendors financial records, and pipeline tracking of all monthly invoices in -  avoiding duplicate payments and all invoices.
 Facilitate and coordinate with Finance, Accounting,  and Treasury to resolve the issues with payments for instance missing documents of the vendors, dispute in invoices, and license…etc.
 Process the payments for different vendors on daily basis for entire product management/ International team.
 Handling the reconciliations for each vendor with Finance team in order to close the dispute and clear their outstanding amount
 Follow up with treasury to obtain and share payment confirmation details and SWIFTS to vendors post payment
 Accurate and timely scheduling of all third party et al marketing vendor accruals for each sub-section in the product marketing.
 Share the monthly projection invoices with Treasury for all existing vendors, and follow through on all scheduled vendor payments

2.3 Contract Management of Third Party Vendor , International & Roaming, et al marketing suppliers with Procurement Department:
 Closely working with  procurement department in consolidating all third party et al marketing vendors contracts.
 Timely completion of new third party, international & roaming, et al marketing vendor contracts with the required documentation as below;
o Product proposal
o Technical Architecture
o SLA management
o SLA definition
o Scope of Work
o Responsibility Matrix
o Escalation Matrix
 Proactively manage third party, international & roaming, et al marketing vendor contracts, ensuring that all services rendered are on contract;
o Timely renewals with all relevant addendums/amendments
o Timely terminations
o Cross functional (all relevant departments) input for closure
 Good record management; centralization and archiving of all contracts for departmental and audit reference.
2.4 Coordination of Marketing Policies and Process Audit Compliance:
 To ensure that relevant domination is archived for departmental and audit reference.
 Coordinate the consolidation of quality and accurate input required from the marketing department for the quarterly and annual marketing audits.
 Interphase with the audit department for the closure of all outstanding product management process and policy documentation.
 Facilitate the adherence of marketing sections activities to all departmental policies.
2.5 Marketing Operational Administrative Coordination:
 Timely and regular sourcing of office supplies
 Executes plans, policies, and programs for the product marketing department
 Organizing the office layout and maintaining supplies of stationery and equipment;
 Maintaining the condition of the office and arranging for necessary repairs.
 Organizing and coordinating departmental meetings and the market visits.
 Completes special projects by organizing and coordinating information and requirements. planning, arranging, and meeting schedules.
 Provides historical reference by developing and utilizing filing and retrieval systems.
 Advance forms and clearing requests.
 Marketing teams leave scheduling and management.

 Good understanding of M-COMMERCE Service Platforms: IN, Switch, CBS from the product marketing point of view
 Sound experience of M-COMMERCE development and management.
 Proficient with spreadsheets and presentation across Microsoft Office and other business applications to consolidate the marketing reporting dashboard, business cases, and generate insights from numeric and competitor trends.
 Excellent communication - oral and writing skills
 Entrepreneurial & Business acumen  with strong numeric ability
 Project planning, organization & time management skills
 Service and goal-oriented style with a customer centric approach
 Self-starter - demonstrable ability to drive forward work on own initiatives aligned to achieving targets with little explicit direction.
 Demonstrable ability to drive forward work on own initiatives aligned to achieving the budget targets
 Strong teamwork & collaboration stakeholder management skills
 Ability to innovate and deliver value to business at multiple levels will play an important role
 Ability to work and perform under pressure with on time delivery of all initiatives and quick response rates to queries
 Influential & Good Interpersonal Skills and  Social Perspective
 Inductive Reasoning & Fluency of Ideas
 Customer and action oriented
 Sound understanding of generic Telco customer facing applications
 Technical systems utilized and platforms for campaigns: IN, SMSC, CMS, CIC (other key telecoms systems)
 Understanding and experience in systems integration

Duties & Responsibilities

The candidate will be responsible for the daily operational and administrative activites of Product Marketing and International & Roaming teams:

Marketing Administration Coordinator  works under close supervision and follows specific detailed instructions, with little latitude for independent judgment.

Submission Guideline

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