(iv) Rural Livelihood Development Officer

Vacancy Number:AREA-2018-6
Title: (iv) Rural Livelihood Development Officer
Duration:One Year with possible extension
Exp.: 2018-10-17-(6 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Salary:As per Organization Policy


Organization: Agency for Rehibilitation & Energy conservation in Afghanistan (AREA) | About Agency for Rehibilitation & Energy conservation in Afghanistan (AREA)
City: Kunduz, Takhar
Country: AF


Education:Bachelor Degree
Work Experience:at least 5 Experience Years

Bachelor’s degree in rural development agriculture economics or natural resource economics with at least five years’ experience in rural livelihood development practices.

Demonstrated interest in working closely with the community and an open attitude in communicating with them.

Demonstrated ability to work in rural areas

Tasks include: Under the supervision of watershed manager undertake the following tasks.

Duties & Responsibilities

Participate in watershed site selection to make sure that the poor natural resource dependent people and marginalized communities are selected to participate in watershed management and conservation activities;

Support the watershed officers in mobilizing local communities to form their locally managed institutions and encourage the participation of women and marginalized group of community in NRM decision- making process;

Participate in baseline data collection and information gathering  to make sure that the information collected reflect the basic livelihood needs of the local people.

Along with the watershed officers train and mentor Forest Management Association (FMA)/ Rangeland Management Association(RMA) members to enhance their capacity in developing NRM management plan in which the improvement of local livelihood is streamlined and considered;

Strengthen the knowledge of FMA/RMA and Community Development Councils (CDCs) members in topics related to community development projects;

Develop ideas to decrease the direct dependency of local people on natural resources and suggest alternative livelihood projects;

Suggest and develop plans for improving the value sustainable use and trading of medicinal plants;

Inform and educate the FMA/RMA and community members of the economic social and environmental benefits of natural resources (forest rangeland wildlife biodiversity …) and their sustainable use;

Consult with and support the FMA/RMA members in developing a good mechanism for benefit sharing and ensuring the equal access of poor and marginalized people to the benefits generated from natural resource;

Support local people in finding good market for their local products;

Raise awareness about the importance of watershed management in enhancing the local people access to good quality water for household use and irrigation;

Develop mechanism for conflict mediation/resolution among the resource-dependent communities and consult with NRM and related conflict mediator departments;

Support the Watershed Management Officers and local community members for evaluating and monitoring the watershed management and conservation activities on a regular basis;





Along with the Watershed Management Officers plan and conduct frequent surveys and field work for problem identification and suggesting new project for the local community livelihood development;

Suggest scientific researches to contribute to improving local communities’ livelihood; and

Synergize the rural livelihood development activities with other components of the project to ensure an integrated approach for the Project implementation.

Submission Guideline

Interested applicants are requested to copy the below given link and past it into your internet browser to download the AREA CV form and fill  and electronically submit it by the following email. 


Email: [email protected]