Marketing Specialist

Vacancy Number:KFZ-137
Title: Marketing Specialist
Category:Sales & Marketing
Duration:Long Term
Exp.: 2016-07-27-(3 Yearss Ago)
Jobs no:1


Organization: Kandahar Food Zone Program | About Kandahar Food Zone Program
City: Kandahar
Country: AF


Education:Bachelor’s degree in relevant field is required. Master degree preferred
Work Experience:5-8 Years


Bachelor’s degree in relevant field is required. Master degree preferred


5-8 years of experience in agricultural marketing, social networking of farming community, traders, business group and market access. 

Understanding of agriculture commodities, sales, marketing and promotional methods.

Previous experience working USAID-funded grants programs required.

Written and spoken English, with technical ability to use web-based database applications.

Strong knowledge of USAID rules and regulations.


Ability to work well in a cross-cultural environment

Attention to detail

Proven organizational and administrative management skills

Time management and prioritization skills

Demonstrated ability to build relationships between work units and departments

Strong communication skills both verbal and written; fluent written and spoken Pashto. Working knowledge of English

Ability to develop policy and procedure guidelines

Ability to coach, mentor, delegate appropriately & provide guidance to staff

Good adaptability and ability to work under extreme pressure

Proven leadership, teambuilding, & problem solving skills

Excellent critical thinking, decision making and negotiation skills

High level of integrity, independence and initiative

Strong customer service and ability to work quickly under deadlines


Duties & Responsibilities

The Marketing Specialist will report directly to the Alternative Development Manager based in KFZ Kandahar Office. The Marketing Specialist will be responsible for development and implementation of all the technical activities that strengthen licit agricultural and promote the greenhouses and horticulture production in target districts.


Specific job duties will include but not be limited to the following activities. The position can include others tasks assigned by the supervisor.




Technical Responsibilities:

Market Assessment:

Conduct a demand analysis of greenhouse products, grapes, and other orchards crops to identify local, regional and national markets opportunities. 

Coordinate with AD Specialists (Vineyard & Greenhouse) to identify the conditions that must have the local grapes, GH and horticulture products to enter into the market. (quality standard, post-harvest management, packaging and presentation)

Work with AD Greenhouse Specialist to identify the products with greatest market and economical potential to be grown in greenhouses.

Establish the differences between the crops conditions and market requirements.

Work closely with AD Specialists to identify the GH, Vineyard, and horticulture farmer’s gaps to be inserted into the commercialization chain.

Identified the problems of the traders to buy and commercialize local products.

Market Access:

Develop marketing strategies and work with AD Specialists to facilitate in commercial operation

Coordinate with AD Specialists on marketing aspects to provide continuous feedback to keep the project market approach updated.

Work with AD Specialists to develop a training program to facilitate the farmers’ participation in the productive chain. Some training topics that will be considering are: post-harvest handling, packing, storage, product   transportation and drying methods. 

Elaborate an inventory of traders and buyers for the GH and low tunnels production. (Data base of the stakeholders involved in commercialization chains).

Engage traders in the projects efforts and identify possible activities that the project could do in order to facilitate commercial operations with them.

Explore the potential of the fair trade and ecological markets at international level.

Collect and organize critical information about markets at local, regional and national levels. 

Review and recommend changes as necessary to the designs specifications for the individual greenhouse projects.

Providing technical oversight and support to field-based marketing and post-harvest activities.

Disseminate the crop marketing information. 

Elaborate a data base with relevant information related to traders and buyers organization.

Project Control Responsibilities:

Preparing technical reports, photographs, and selected videos on findings from the described activities.

Verify and report quality of works and materials in the KFZ marketing projects.

Communicate with other associates from other KFZ areas to ensure program interaction.

Work with the Alternative Development management team to ensure compliance with applicable policies and regulations.

Maintain program files and ensure that appropriate soft and hard copies are in the filing system.

Ensure that best practices are followed in the design and management of  the marketing activities in the greenhouse and vineyards projects..

Monitor the quality of training material under KFZ marketing activities of GH and vineyards projects.

Manage greenhouse and vineyard marketing project schedule, scope and quality. Work closely with the contractor and other stakeholders to ensure timely and quality performance.

Review and comment the daily and weekly work progress reports recieved from KFZ sub-contractors.

Ensure that consolidated and  detailed inputs and verification documentation on completed BoQ items submitted by  sub-contractor to field management team for the purpose of interim payment certifications and requests.

Perform regular field trips to KFZ targeted districts in order to assure the quality of the projects works that are being implementing by KFZ Subcontractors.

Prepare the Purchase Order Checklist (P.O.C.) the subcontracts under marketing activities.

Other tasks assigned by the supervisor.

M&E Responsibilities:

Responsible to monitor the AD projects marketing activities progress against set targets and timelines.

Responsible to recommend corrective action measures for any deviations identified in the greenhouse work plan and contracts.

Utilize M&E finding between technical teams and implementing partners.

Develop daily and weekly reports based on M&E Manager and Alternative Development Manager guidance.  

Work closely with KFZ M&E team in marketing projects final evaluation.  

Prepare weekly, monthly and quarterly reports about the greenhouses, vineyards, and horticulture marketing activities.

Review the technical documents related to the marketing projects.

Ensure that the subcontractors report fulfill the KFZ requirements.

Submission Guideline

Interested Afghan National Candidates should submit their applications via e-mail, indicating on the SUBJECT line the title and vacancy number of the position applied for, to [email protected]
Please note that applications received after the closing date will not be given consideration. Only short-listed candidates whose applications respond to the above criteria will be contacted for an interview.

Note : This position will be closed on July 27,2016 at Midday


Email: [email protected]