Project Support

Vacancy Number:Medair_CHL_117
Title: Project Support
Duration:6 Months
Exp.: 2016-10-16-(3 Yearss Ago)
Jobs no:6


Organization: Medair | About Medair
City: Bamyan
Country: AF


Education:Agriculture degree/ High school graduate (12th Class)
Work Experience:1 year experience in community training • Literate Years


Vocational qualification: Agriculture degree or High school graduate (12th Class)

Must live in Bamyan Province

Work experience

1 year experience in community training

Literate, numerate and experienced in undertaking surveys, willing to learn digital data collection methods.

Familiar with the project areas

Competent motorbike rider (male)

Experience with NGOs

Experience in organising community meetings


Fluent in spoken and written Dari

Spoken English


Familiar with typing on Dari keyboard and able to take photographs. This will be tested at interview

Experience in using Tablets for registration and surveys

Knowledge of using GPS and Thuraya



·       Enthusiastic to work for and represent an INGO, to assist vulnerable communities in the Central Highlands

Team building

·       Clear communicator to team mates, willing to share information

·       Able to resolve interpersonal tensions peacefully.

Experience working in a team

Able to build up trust with beneficiaries and ensure feedback is given by beneficiaries


·       Willing to work and travel in remote field locations with basic living conditions, for several weeks at a time

Ability to work under pressure

Must respect local customs

Technical expertise

Able to record information accurately, e.g. completing forms, carrying out data entry and analysis and writing a factual report

Able to follow instructions

Management & Leadership

Honest and reliable personality

Work Conditions

·         The job location is primarily in Panjab and Waras. The post holder is expected to be present in the project area as requested

·         Field work will be Oct- Nov 2016 and March to June 2017 with travel to project villages by car, foot or motorbike.

·         The contract will stop over the winter months (December to February).

·         Contracted days are for 5 days’ work a week. When a 6th day is worked, this is awarded as a compensation day (paid leave) when at the home location.

·         For Female applicants, a Mahram must accompany the Project Support staff (his daughter/sister or wife anywhere at any time) when on field trips. Separate (very basic) accommodation can be provided for female staff and their Mahram/families at field bases.

·         Training will be given at the start of the assignment.


Duties & Responsibilities


The project aims to reduce food insecurity and facilitate livelihood recovery for agriculture dependent families affected by natural disaster related shocks (including flooding and wheat rust infestations) in Bamyan Province through distributing pre-winter support and agricultural packages to vulnerable families, and providing supporting training to communities affected by wheat rust. Four capacity building and awareness training sessions will be run for men and women in affected communities.

The project activities and associated contracts will run for six months: October to November 2016 and March to June 2017, stopping over winter due to field conditions.  



Specific responsibilities

To assist in undertaking community needs assessments to identify target areas for activities.

Undertake house to house surveys using electronic Tablets to identify vulnerable households according to criteria.

Represent Medair to the community, exhibiting Medair values and refer community concerns to line manager.

Undertake beneficiary registration using digital registration techniques, ensuring a fair and transparent process is followed.

Assist in the pre-winter distributions ensuring all records are correctly filled out and maintained

Deliver four community capacity building and awareness training sessions for men and women in affected communities.

Distribute agricultural packages to beneficiaries ensuring all records are correctly filled out.

Foster clear communication and good relationships with community members through all phases of the project.

Report daily to the line manager on the progress of all activities.

Foster productive communication and coordination with the project team.


General responsibilities

To uphold Medair values and to contribute to the wellbeing of the team as an active member.

To adhere strictly to Medair National Staff Regulations.

To adhere strictly to Medair Security Plan and the SOPs relevant to this role.

To conduct all Medair activities honestly and to report any issues to the line manager or a member of the Medair management team.

To be flexible and willing to assist in other areas of work as requested by the line manager.

Help ensure the safety of the staff in the field and inform the Project Manager of any development related to security in the field.


1. Technical

Conduct surveys at the beginning and end of the project.

Organise community meetings and undertake beneficiary selection according to criteria.

Prepare and carry out registration, distribution and capacity building meetings with communities.

Conduct community training in an inclusive and gender sensitive manner for adult and young learners.

Assist in conducting training monitoring.

2. Logistics

Undertake distributions of pre-winter and agricultural packages according to training and Medair procedure in the communities.

Maintain correct distribution records.

3. Community relations

Build positive relationships with local authorities in the field and the communities.

Ensure good community relations and resolve any issues or report them to the Project Manager or Project Co-ordinator to address.

Ensure beneficiary accountability is carried out and report any feedback to the Project Manager.

4. Communication and coordination with the project team

Make weekly and monthly progress reports on the training program and provide this to the Project Manager.

Co-ordinate with other team members over the use of Medair assets such as training materials and vehicles.

Participate constructively in project meetings.



Submission Guideline

Interested applicants should forward their CV and motivation letter in English, including their qualifications and relevant experience to perform the job by 16th October 2016.  To:

 [email protected] the email subject line should include the following: Project Support Vacancy # Medair_CHL_117 otherwise your application will not be considered.

Email: [email protected]