Projects Communication Specialist
Vacancy Number:KVID20170215-35567
Title: Projects Communication Specialist
Category:Business Development
Duration:(0) Year&(10)Months
Exp.:2017-02-15-(8 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Organization:Ministry of Mines & Petroleum |About Ministry of Mines & Petroleum
Education:• Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Public Administration, Public Relations or other relat
Work Experience:5 Years

Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Public Administration, Public Relations or other related fields, Master degree will be preferred
At least 5 years’ work experience with Development projects and Line Ministries, experience with Donor community.
Must have strong Monitoring and Evaluation expertise, data collections, data analysis and report writing skills.
Excellent  interpersonal and Communication and report writing skills
Knowledge of Computer software’s and Ms. Office packages
Language: Strong English Skills-Written and Spoken, Strong Dari or Pashtu Skills-Written and Spoken
Willing to work under pressure, and long hours

Duties & Responsibilities
  • 1- Develop an action plan based on the job description.

  • 2- Communicate and coordinate between the office of H.E Minister,  Departments of the Ministry and all external parties, the projects  and keep the office of the Minister updated of the overall process and functionality of the system.

  • 3- Attend all donor coordination meetings and provide updates and briefs to the office of Minister.

  • 4- Play the role of focal point between the Ministry, projects, and all other counterparts.

  • 5- Review projects documents and donor policies and brief H.E the Minister.

  • 6- Identify priorities and gaps for donor funding projects

  • 7- Attend Ministrys management meeting and provide updates and reports to the office of H.E Minister

  • 8- Follow up on the activities/tasks agreed during the internal and external coordination meetings

  • 9- Conduct regular assessment of the donor’s activities to measure the effectiveness of the intervention and provide brief and reports to the Ministry.

  • 10Maximize effectiveness and efficiency within the ministry and note any duplication and report to the office of the Minister.

  • 12- Any other task as requested by the Projects Supports Director and office of H.E the Minister of Mines and Petroleum according to laws and regulations.

Submission Guideline

Electronic applications will be sent to: e-mail ( [email protected]  )
In your email please specify the title of the position as well as vacancy number for electronic submissions and please do the same in the hardcopy submissions.
Hard copies will be sent to: Development Projects HR Unit, Second floor, at the Ministry of Mines & Petroleum, Pashtonistan Watt
The Contact Person is: Mr. Abdul Basheer Hassam, (Projects HR Coordinator), Phone number: 0093- (0)-795-626320