Remote Manager

Vacancy Number:N/A
Title: Remote Manager
Category:Education Teaching & Training
Duration:one year
Exp.: 2016-01-24-(3 Yearss Ago)
Jobs no:1


Organization: ACBAR | About ACBAR
City: Kabul
Country: AF


Education:Bachelors Degree
Work Experience:5 Years

Minimum 5 years experience

 Bachelor’s degree

 Fluent in English, Dari and Pashto

 Excellent written English and verbal communication skills

 Willing to make field visits and travel throughout the country in high risk environments

 Experience in NGO management

 Experience in monitoring and evaluation

 Experience in Finance

 Experience with Microsoft Office

 Excellent problem solving skills and resourceful

 Experience facilitating relationships

Duties & Responsibilities

In 2015, ACBAR, along with the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID),began a twinning program that is building the capacity of National NGOs (NNGO) to respond to humanitarian needs and gain access to humanitarian funding in Afghanistan. The program aims to build capacity by implementing a hands-on mentoring program that draws on the valuable knowledge and input of varied actors with experience in the humanitarian community, including ACBAR and INGOs.

The twinning program will:

 Build NNGO capacity to access the Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) and other humanitarian funds

 Increase institutional capacity of NNGOs

 Increase NNGO participation in the clusters

 Increase NNGO ability to conduct quality assessments

 Ensure all organizations involved follow international humanitarian principles

Integral to the success of the program will be the regular interaction between ACBAR and the program participants throughout the country.

Remote Manager Responsibilities

The remote manager will serve a support role for the ACBAR Kabul office and program participants during the implementation of the twinning program. As participants in the program are based in Kabul and throughout the country, ACBAR requires three Kabul based remote managers to travel to offices throughout Kabul throughout the country to mentor and monitor NNGO and INGO partners on a regular basis. We encourage women to apply for this position and a budget will be provided for a mahram when traveling to the provinces.

Remote manager roles and responsibilities:

 Provide mentoring on institutional processes including finance, M&E, HR and procurement

 Review of NNGO policies to apply for CHF Due Diligence

 Review of NNGO proposals

 Liaise with INGO and NNGO partners in the field to provide necessary support

 Regular visits to participating NNGO offices in the provinces

 Collection of monitoring and evaluation data

 Ensure that INGOs and NNGOs are meeting obligations

 Ensure effective communication between INGOs and NNGOs

 Management of reports and data collected from NNGO and INGO partners

Submission Guideline

All CVs should be submitted to [email protected] and cc’ [email protected] and [email protected] by April 24, 2016.

Email: [email protected]