Senior, Specialist Usage and Revenue
Vacancy Number:KVID20170226-35615
Title: Senior, Specialist Usage and Revenue
Exp.:2017-02-26-(8 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Organization:Roshan Telecom |About Roshan Telecom
Education: Minimum Bachelor or Professional qualification in Business Administration, Marketing, Economics, M
Work Experience: At least 3-5 experience in marketing, sale Years

~~2.1 Developing and Successful Execution of new concepts for data bundles and tracking the current services:
 Looking for new concepts and opportunities in the market.
 Putting the new concept in terms of value to the organization for implementation.
 Creating the documents for the new concept and get approval of each stakeholder.
 Follow up on the implementation of the new concept based on PIP.
 Coordinate with all the related teams for the smooth and on time implementation of the projects.
 Focus on the quality of deliverables and the given timeline.
 Testing the concept and confirm if it performs based on the requirements on the document and the agreement with the stakeholders.
 Track the new products performance and provide the pre and post analysis.
 Build business cases for the new projects considering the current data and trend.
2.2 Data Mining and Analysis
Mining, manipulation and analysis of data KPIs (Usage, UU and Revenue etc) to initiate initiatives on achieving the intended budget. This includes;
 Reporting each data bundles KPIs on Daily and Monthly basis with the summarized reports on the given intervals.
 Reporting each province performance and highlight the points which have afftected the performance either positively or negatively.
 Trace each site performance on daily basis and highlight the issues which are affecting the performance either positively or negatively.
 Analyze the KPIs affected the targeted budget.
 Work closely with Data Mining Team and DWH team for the accuracy of the reports.
 Provide the analysis and reports based on the needs.
 Understanding the reports and make sure the accuracy of data with the related teams.
 Keep tracing the competition activities and update the same on the competition dashboard.
 Analyse the KPIs affected by competition.
 Keep the record of historical data. 
 Follow up on the reports from Call Centre on weekly and monthly basis.

2.3 Usage and Revenue
 Responsible for usage and revenue
 Achievement of revenues as per Targets/ Business Case/ Budgets
 Adhoc requirements from time to time pertaining to scope of work.
2.4 Provide Support and Coordinate with Other cross Functional Teams –
 Work hand in hand with business intelligence, VAS, and Customer Care to administer inactivity and other churn preventive campaigns.
 Follow up with PMO on implementation of the projects from the Roadmap.
 Interact with technology to make sure all the products are aligned with technical feasibility and performs smoothly.
 Follow up with Customer care on the number of complaints regarding data bundles and devices.
 Provide support to frontline staff with queries or problems relating to Data Bundles and Devices.

Duties & Responsibilities

~~The basic purpose is to plan, operate and develop data products and devices for both postpaid and prepaid customers. And drive data (internet) products to prepaid and postpaid customers through development, coordination and effective management of data bundles and data devices that maximize the service profitability, enhance customer experience and reduce cost.

Senior Product Specialist works under close supervision and follows specific detailed instructions, with little latitude for independent judgment.

Submission Guideline

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