Senior Team Member
Vacancy Number:KVID20170225-35685
Title: Senior Team Member
Duration:1 Year
Exp.:2017-02-25-(8 Months Ago)
Jobs no:3
City:Baghlan, Kabul, Khost
Education:Bachelors degree (Masters degree preferred)
Work Experience:More than 8 of relevant experience Years

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Review and conduct the feasibility study and supervise implementation of solar PV power plant, transmission system, auxiliary and support facilities
  • Review project scope, capital and operating cost estimates, implementation schedule, contracting, and implementation arrangements;
  • Confirm integrity of technical specifications and required drawings of the solar PV plant, transmission system, and all associated systems and structures;
  • Confirm budget estimates with reference to international and domestic price trends for projects of similar scale and quality;
  • Confirm and develop in collaboration with relevant team members, the capacity development plan based on the capacity needs assessment.
  • Lead the conduct of capacity building needs assessment for solar and lead the conduct of workshops for the EA and other relevant agencies on solar technologies related to the assignment: technology, site selection criteria, due diligence process, operation and maintenance, design, implementation, and, management.
  • Prepare the inputs for special sections of the bid documents (desired output specifications for the solar PV system, performance warranties and related parameters to be used to ensure desired performance, specifications to shortlist bidders on technical commercial and financial parameters, special conditions of contract etc.
  • Be responsible for providing technical and management support to carry out the planed mini hydro power projects.
  • Provide necessary technical assistance to senior staffs in planning, monitoring and implementation.
  • Monitor implementation progress of the mini hydropower projects
  • Supervise and monitor the district level operations, particularly the mini hydro power related survey, design, installation, operation and repair maintenance.
  • Coordination with INT regional and main office for the harmonization of activities related to the micro hydropower projects.
  • Provide innovative ideas for implementation of the mini hydro & productive energy uses.
  • Support mini hydro Experts to implement Mini Hydro related activities.
  • Assigns, reviews and evaluates the program
  • Establish good working contacts with staff working on related projects and coordinate activities with this project with those of the related projects
  • Prepare inputs and progress reports, and monitor the implementation of the plans.
  • Participate to field visits and available at project site to the project areas to assure project progress towards activity objectives and goals.
  • Conduct surveys and collect the data
  • Provide support to the project team in the reforms undertaken or required in the energy sector.
  • Preparing the weekly, monthly and quarterly reports as required.
  • Liaise between different stakeholders e.g. donor, client etc.
  • Travel to the project site of the mentioned provinces are required.
  • Undertake any other task as the office (Director and/or Manager) may assign.


  • Must be comfortable in being a pro-active member of the senior management team.
  • Good interpersonal skills to deal effectively with experts and national counterparts.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with colleagues to achieve organizational goals.
  • Ability to work in a multicultural environment with respect and sensitivity for diversity.
  • ability to work in teams as well as independently
  • good communication and networking skills
  • Strong skill of site working for collecting data from the site and conducting the survey.
  • Good analytical skills, communications abilities, and ability to motivate other team members and counterparts;
  • Ability to meet deadlines and prioritize multiple tasks;
  • Competence in handling relations at all levels of relevant authorities;
  • Remains calm, in control and good humored even under pressure;
  • Computer literate including Words, Excel, Access, PPs, and Outlook- E-Mail and the required engineering software.
  • Must be patient, diplomatic, and professional.
  • Proven ability to build and lead a team of professional staff, and utilize talent and expertise of team members in a productive way;
  • Excellent written and verbal communications in English and national languages are desirable


  • University degree of Electrical Engineering (Master degree is preferred).
  • Fluent in Dari (& Pashto) with very good command of English
  • More than 8 years of relevant experience
  • Mini-hydro development expert
  • Experience with solar PV
  • Experience with low-cost rural electrification and mini-grids
  • Familiarity with international construction procurement approaches
  • Previous experience with on-site supervision of construction of mini-grids
  • Strong background in development energy sector is an asset.
  • Travel to the project site of the mentioned provinces are required.
  • The probation period time will be 3 months.
Duties & Responsibilities

INTEGRATION Consulting Organization is currently seeking a Senior Team Member for the project/program as described below.

The MRRD is starting the ASERD program by focusing on mini-grids and about 25 sites will be developed. Installations will vary in size, but it is expected that the overall investment will entail in excess of 20 MW of installed capacity.

The program already has one mini-hydro with associated mini-grid project under implementation and now wants to recruit a Consulting engineering firm to assist with the planning, design and construction of the mini-grids.

Teams from the MRRD have surveyed a number of potential sites and two sites have been selected. The preliminary assessments indicate that one site is suitable for a mini-hydro and the other site is suitable for a solar power mini-grid. 

Site one; the identified mini-hydro based mini-grid is located in the village of Toopkhane, Baghlan province in north central Afghanistan.

Site two; the identified solar PV based mini-grid is located in the village of Gurbuz in the south of the Khost Province in south east Afghanistan. 

Submission Guideline

Please submit your cover letter and C.V to the below mentioned submission email address and indicate clearly the position title and vacancy reference number in the subject of your e-mail for which you are applying.

Mobile: 93 (0) 752 121 785