Social Mobilizer- Female

Vacancy Number:KVID20170225-36056
Title: Social Mobilizer- Female
Duration:1 Year(s) & 0
Exp.:2017-02-25-(1 Years Ago)
Jobs no:1


Organization:Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance |About Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance


Education:Bachelor’s Degree, Agriculture
Work Experience:2 Year(s) Years

Duties and Responsibilities
Her/his main responsibilities will include, but not limited to:
 To mobilize the farmers about the FFS interventions
 To participate in the identification and selection process of the actvities
 To conduct election among the farmers for the selection of FFS & CRMC members (Chairman Vice Chairman (Chak bashi), Treasurer (Khazanadar).) among the farmers who are taking their share of FFS from the cluster.
 Conduct the FFS election as per the regulations developed by NRM/ CHA.
 Work togethe  with the other social mobilizer and extension workers in the team to sign a contract between clusters in water catchment areas. To register CRMCs with DAIL and MAIL.
 Documentation of all those forms which need for establishment and registration of CRMC/ FFS.
Opening of a bank account of CRMC Crosse community projects. To motivate community members to actively participate in 10% in-kind contribution to the project through cleaning, straightening and shaping of their own watercourse. To motivate and encourage potential leaders to talk to their fellow community members about unity and self reliance.  
 To initiate actions aimed at breaking down passivity of the women, apathy and attitudes of letting others do things for them.
 To raise awareness among the women that community members themselves  can move each community out of poverty, and to show them ways they can do this for themselves.
 To assist community members to identify needs and to generate  solutions, identifying priority issues and to analyze their problems.
 To encourage and stimulate community members to organize for action aimed at solving their problems and to plan, implement and monitor action that they define themselves.
 To provide community leaders with management skills and knowledge in  getting community members interested, organized and motivated.
 To develop trust, tolerance and co-operation among community members.
 To assist women in the respective communities in obtaining available  outside resources, warning of the negative effects of becoming too dependent upon outside resources.
 To encourage and stimulate full participation by all community  members; with special attention to the women who are usually forgotten, marginalized and overlooked in community decision making.
 To assist the community in obtaining information and knowledge that  may be available through governmental and non governmental agencies, through extension and outreach programs.
Travels to all coverage CDCs in District/Province
Require Travels to Province for work shops or officials.

 Ability to read and write well in local languages (Pashto, Dari etc), and fair understanding of English language
 Ability to speak and listen well in local languages (Pashto, Dari)
 Computer skills, or potential to learn them, focus on word processing.
 Must have a social strength to stand in front of a group of women farmers without showing fear or arrogance.
  Ability to learn mobilization skills
  A desire to contribute to national development through community mobilization and empowerment.
 Should be courteous to the local farming community, and must have strong morals viz. honesty, transparency, generosity, and respect
 well motivated, team member able to work alone and/or without supervision
 Ability to observe and analyze social indicators.

 - The candidate must have relevant bachelor degree (Social Science/Agricultural extension Social mobilization experience/Training of at least 2 years relevant experience.
 - High ability to read, write, speak and listen local languages, and English language
 - Should have training abilities
 - Advanced skills in computer, internet



Duties & Responsibilities

 Overall objective (Impact):

A contribution is made to the improvement of the resilience of the affected population groups and the

 Sustainability of food and nutrition security in four selected districts in the province of Samangan.


Project sub-Objectives:

Project objective (Outcome):

Bases of existence are improved and secured by effective resource management and

the creation of sustainable livelihoods in 75 rural communities in the four target districts.

Job Summary:

The Project consists of the following parts:-

Part A: Farmer field School (FFS) Management-

1. Carrying out social mobilization for the establishment of FFS in the Project Areas (Dara e Suf Payin district) in field of:

(a) Training to female communities in organization and management of FFS sessions.

(b) Facilitation services for communities and farmer Field Day participants covering approximately 20 farmers to have field practices.

(c)  Collecting data for priority project of Female cluster, based on 4-years action plan of CRMC, NRMC, and CDCs.

(e) Improving design standards and strengthening the FFS group members and build the capacity for  NRM management and construction  of agriculture techniques.

2. Establishing easily accessible pilot demonstration plot in the Project Areas to showcase improved forestry, water and soil management practices/technology and agronomic water saving techniques/measures, as well as proper farm planning and layout for an efficient use of resources.

Part B: Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building of DAIL.

(a) Developing the institutional capacity of district/DAIL to plan, design, implement and monitor NRM programs.

(b) Strengthening of district DAIL/MAIL’s Directorate of Natural Resource Management (NRM) at provincial and district levels.

(c) Developing a data collection and database covering NRM systems throughout the district.

(d) Establishing Information Centers for farmers at the provincial and district level in the Project

Submission Guideline

Submission Guideline:- Send your CV to: CHA Regional office in Mazar city, Behind Ferdowsi Library, street #7, H.181

Note:- I. Both email address should be consider.
II. In your emails please specify the title of the position as well as vacancy number for electronic submissions.

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