Specialist, Regional Reporting and Analytics
Vacancy Number:KVID20170227-35653
Title: Specialist, Regional Reporting and Analytics
Category:Business Development
Exp.:2017-02-27-(8 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Organization:Roshan |About Roshan
Education: Bachelor in Geographical Information Systems (G.I.S.) / Marketing / Business / IT / Management Inf
Work Experience: Min. 3 - 5 ’ experiences in Marketing. Years

~~2.1 Provides accurate  input for Regional Budget and Business planning:
 Network rollout plans with subscriber, revenue, traffic et al KPIs projections
 Accurate projection of subscriber and revenue projections for new sites rolled out & monitoring site revenues MoM against forecast & budgeted.
 Coordinate strategic regional input for site selection analysis for network planning, optimization and overall profitability.
 Review the collated primary raw data that feds in to the commercial and regional decision support system for network expansion/rollout and quality management – 2G and 3G coverage.
 Provides rolling forecast assumptions  & accuracy on stream-wise revenue’s , subscribers, by province.
 Provide site selection analysis to assist in the expansion process for existing and new network sites and sales POS, using location based analytical models.
 Assists in formulation , monitoring of regional marketing plans and tactical activities.

2.2 Provides Geo marketing Analysis and Actionable Insight Generation:
 Identify Highest ROI and redress ROI depreciating locations. Monitor and highlight site profitability analysis in coordination with finance, and suggest site optimization for cost efficiency vs. revenue generation.
 Collects and communicates competitor business intelligence (regional; pricing, activities, products, et al) and regional market research information for dissemination to the commercial and regional team.
 Generate geographic insights that support Roshan in delivering a superior consumer network experience and contributes to overall market performance.
 Regularly share  regional insights with a broad audience within both Commercial and Regional teams on performance of; strategic initiatives, customer insights generated, and coordinated assessment of regional marketing activities.
 Support Commercial and Regional team with spatial maps for analysis and actionable insights;
o Identify target areas for highest revenue, and provide Location Bases Services and Execution recommendations, through BTL campaign to targeted customers, while excluding competitor areas
o Develop business cases for each network expansion site, while calculating the coverage percentage by technology for the population and geography, with Return On Investment (ROI), calculation to ensure a successful commercial investment in line with strategy.

2.3 Quantification and Reporting:
 Regular (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual) and accurate revenue forecasting based on actuals factoring in: seasonality, changing market dynamics, competitor activities, and insights
 Performance tracking of province wise network outages, uptime, lockdowns, regional commercial activities, et al, generating actionable insights for performance improvement.
 Initiate, coordinate and complete  performance tracking of budgets and forecast vs. actuals for overall commercial business KPIs and products at regional level.
 Analyze RCA on customer, revenue, and traffic KPIs across the regions and consistently communicate key findings (activity/campaign analysis, cluster detection, inactivity/churn, promotion uptake and effectiveness).
 Construction, Management and Updating of the respective Data mart:
o Provision of external data (i.e. costing, subsidies, etc.) to be updated into the data mart.
o Provide Commercial specifications for designers/developers in order to ensure relevant and up-to-date reporting on regional KPIs.
o Ensure accurate information is generated for all reports as per the agreed constructs in the Corporate Business KPIs definitions dashboard.

Duties & Responsibilities

~~The basic purpose of this candidate is; Reporting of pertinent regional KPIs (revenues, customers, traffic, Top ups, retailer dispersion, churn, GAs, et al) from site aggregated to provincial and regional levels; Performance tracking of strategic and tactical regional initiatives as per the roadmap; Conduct complex analyses of existing and potential markets for Roshans countrywide network/site availability and profitability by Region & province; Conduct in depth location based actionable insights analysis for relevant cross functional stakeholders in order to direct, recommend and assist the decision making process, for both strategic & tactical operations that drive overall revenues & subscribers.

Works under general supervision. Follows established procedures; work is reviewed for soundness of technical judgment, overall adequacy and accuracy.

Submission Guideline

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