Accountability Supervisor

Vacancy Number:PU-AMI/HR/JAL/001064
Title: Accountability Supervisor
Category:Other Organization
Duration:8 months possibility of extension
Exp.: 2019-01-26-(3 Months Ago)
Jobs no:2
Salary:As per the Organization salary scale


Organization: PU-AMI | About PU-AMI
City: Nangarhar
Country: AF


Education:Bachelor degrees in Project Management or other relevant academic background;
Work Experience:Previous relevant experience in MEAL department fu Years

Qualification/ Requirements تحصیلات و شرایط لازمه

Required knowledge and skills

• Bachelor degrees in Project Management or other relevant academic background;

• Previous relevant experience in MEAL department function and preferably in an INGO (at least 1 year);

• Experience with International NGO/ Acquaintance with NGO rules procedures and regulations.

• Experience in donor requirements and expectations in terms of accountability;

• Experience in Accountability and implementation of community based meetings;

• Written – ability to write for different audiences and to present information and create material stories and articles for different audiences

• Verbal – excellent interpersonal and presentations skills

• Ability to gather information and systemize for effective communication and networking

• Excellent command in writing and editing documents in English

• Fluent in Pashto language and able to translate from Pashto to English language and vice versa


Required Personal Characteristics

• Observation active listening and analysis skills with ability to make sound judgment;

• Good interpersonal skills and the ability to interact effectively with diverse groups;

• Proactive results-oriented and service-oriented;

• Ability to work independently and to ensure confidentiality;

• Adaptability practical sense and resourceful;

• Organization rigor and respect of due dates;

• Good people person and good communication skills;

• Ability to remain calm and level-headed;

• General ability to resist stress and in unstable circumstances particularly.

Duties & Responsibilities

General Conditions of Employment:

The employee shall abide to this job description his/her employment contract PU-AMI Afghanistan National Staff Regulations together with its annexes and attachments as well as any rules regulations internal policy that may be adopted by PU-AMI Afghanistan.

کارمند باید طبق این شرح وظایف، قرارداد کار خویش، پالیسی منابع بشری موسسه (PU-AMI) همراه با ضمایم و متعلقات آن، همچنان هر اصول و مقررات و پالیسی داخلی که از سوی (PU-AMI) پذیرفته میشود،  قبول و عمل نماید.

Work relationship روابط کاری

Work under the responsibility ofتحت مسولیت شخصیکه کار مینماید : Jalalabad M&E/Information Officer

Supervise اشخاصی را که نظارت میکند: N/A He /She will monitor the HF director and communities beneficiaries.


In direct cooperation withدر همکاری مستقیم با : MEAL team Program teams beneficiaries local communities

Responsibilities and particular assignments

General responsibilitiesمسؤلیت های عمومی : Accountability entails a cyclical process of monitoring review and remedy/action to assess progress document success identify problems that need to be rectified and take prompt action as and where needed. The Accountability Supervisor will interact closely with communities to assess sentiments of beneficiaries and feed this information back into the program as unfiltered as possible for PUI to respond in a measured and timely manner. The Accountability Supervisor is the first point of contact for beneficiaries that raise complaints. As such the Accountability Supervisor will need to be neutral and establish mechanisms that based on the highest integrity which beneficiaries will trust. Under the direct management of the M&E/Information officer the Accountability Supervisor will be in charge of the implementation and follow-up of all PU-AMI’s accountability efforts in the Eastern Region (receive and provide feedbacks). He is responsible for the correct use of PUI’s accountability tools and actively contributes to their dissemination and/or improvement if requested.

Objective 1هدف اول :

Activities/Main dutiesفعالیت ها/ وظایف عمده: Initial deployment and follow-up of PU-AMI feedbacks tools

A. Establish and ensure effective functioning of the Beneficiary Complaints and Response Mechanism

B. Enhance  the  trust  and  confidence  of  beneficiaries   identify  areas  of  our work  which  need  to  be  improved  and  ensure  that  PU-AMI’s teams  learn  from  the  feedback  provided  through this  process.

C. Establish implement and monitor the beneficiary complaints and feedback Mechanism:

D. Develop adequate complaints and feedback mechanism IEC materials in a language that can be widely understood (including people with low levels of literacy).

E. Compile data and submit internal and accurate reports to the concerned programs/projects on weekly basis.

F. Manage beneficiary and stakeholders’ complaints and feedback mechanisms.

G. Liaise with local authorities and community leaders to support the resolution of complaints.

H. Regularly assess effectiveness of all information-sharing efforts and incorporate findings into revised approaches;

I. Maintain records of complaints and feedback mechanism awareness raising and promotion activities (including approximate numbers of participants) and submit to Project Managers as required;

J. Accompany the Accountability M&E and/or project teams to the field in order to spread awareness about the CRM to beneficiaries as well as local authorities and stakeholders in PUAMI’s areas of implementation during field visits.

Feedbacks Boxes:

1.  In all project sites the Accountability Supervisor will deploy feedback boxes in relevant and easily accessible location.

2. On regular basis the Accountability Supervisor will collect the feedbacks received in feedbacks boxes in the different activity sites.

3. Feedbacks will be entered in PU-AMI feedbacks and response database.

4. When relevant and feasible the Accountability Supervisor will response to the feedbacks received (phone calls for non-anonymous feedbacks posters displayed in the activity site etc.).

Feedbacks Email:

1. On daily basis the dedicated feedbacks through email or otherwise will be checked and feedbacks will be included in PU-AMI feedbacks and response database.

2. The Accountability Supervisor will provide responses to beneficiaries with the support of the M&E/Information officer.


1. The Accountability Supervisor will answer to PU-AMI hotline on rotational basis.

2. Feedbacks collected will be included in PU-AMI feedbacks and response database and clear response will be communicated to beneficiaries. Focus groups satisfactory survey and meeting with community elders

3. Before conducting of survey or any other activities coordination meeting should conducting with the communities’ elders for smooth implementation of all project activities.

4. For smooth implementation of the project monthly action plan should prepared and applied accordingly.

5.  On regular basis field visits will be implemented on project sites and satisfactory surveys will be conducted. Questionnaires will be previously developed with the support of M&E/Information officer and with program teams. Feedbacks from males and females will be collected.

6.  For more qualitative follow-up focus groups will be implemented with female and community elders/leaders.

7. Reports will be shared on time with program and M&E teams.

Objective 2هدف دوم:

Activities/Main dutiesفعالیت ها/ وظایف عمده: Ensure the efficient advertisement of PU-AMI complaints and feedback mechanisms

1. The Accountability Supervisor will design relevant and different advertisement tools (radio message design of poster leaflets etc.).

2. The Accountability Supervisor will ensure the feedbacks mechanisms are advertised and clearly known by local communities in all intervention sites.

3. When relevant the Accountability Supervisor will propose new tools to collect feedbacks and will make some suggestions to reinforce the relevance of PU-AMI feedbacks mechanisms.

4. Build capacity and understanding among staff partners and contractors on beneficiary accountability

Objective 3هدف سوم : Activities/Main dutiesفعالیت ها/ وظایف عمده: Ensure a clear communication and coordination with program teams and correct referral and follow-up of sensitive complaints

1. Ensure the effective functioning of the beneficiary complaint and feedback mechanism and that beneficiary complaints/feedback is adequately captured analyzed addressed and responded to in a timely manner and utilized by the program and coordination teams;

2. Follow up on complaints received by other PU-AMI staff with the same diligence as complaints received through the complaint and feedback mechanism directly

3. Treat urgent and/or sensitive complaints with the immediate attention they require and ensure a fast resolution.

4. Maintain confidential and detailed records of all complaints in the complaint and feedback mechanism database and other electronic and hard copy filing systems as appropriate.

5. Follow up on pending complaints with Project M&E and Coordination staff.

6. Shares monthly analytic reports with M&E information officer and relevant stakeholders (if any) identifying the points to improve and good practices. Provide clear recommendations to program teams;

7.  Analyze patterns and trends in complaints to help PU-AMI improve its programming.

8.  Upon requests from his line manager the Accountability Supervisor will implement field investigation and cross-check the information received.

9. Ensures proper follow up until case closed.

Submission Guideline

Please note while sending your C.V & Cover letter please mention the vacancy number and position in the subject list application received after the closing date and without subject list will not be taken in consideration. Local applicants from the same province are encourage to apply and will be given priority.
Email: [email protected]
Hard copies of C.V can be submitted to below PU-AMI offices:
PU-AMI Jalalabad Office: House No. 4 street 1 District 4 near to old justice department Sayeed Kayan shops Regi Shahmard Khan Jalalabad city Ningarhar-Afghanistan
PU-AMI Kabul office: Road #3 street #8 House No 278 Shahr-e-naw Behind Zarghoona High School District 10 Kabul Afghanistan.
Note: Only short listed candidates whose application responds to the above criteria will be contacted.

Email: [email protected]