Administrative Responsible

Vacancy Number:
Title: Administrative Responsible
Duration:6 months
Exp.: 2018-08-19-(6 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Salary:Based on SI salary scale


Organization: Solidarites International | About Solidarites International
City: Kunduz
Country: AF


Education:Degree in management or other relevant field of study preferred
Work Experience:Minimum 2 year of work experience in this field Years

Technical skills (required):

- Good knowledge of NGOs and previous experience in this field of expertise will be considered an asset

- Sound written reporting skills

- Strong communication skills

- Familiarity with international humanitarian operations coordination structures and the mandates of donors UN agencies and other NGOs

- MS office

Personal quality:

- Capacity to adapt to strong security constraints.

- Diplomacy and assertiveness; the ability to confront and discuss sensitive issues with respect

- Profound cross-cultural awareness

- Ability to work in autonomy and strong sense of initiative;

- Good resistance to stress and pressure;

- Good organizational skills;

 Languages (required):

- To be fluent in Dari Pashto and English (written read spoken)

 Personal:

- Being proactive motivated and able to learn quickly new methods of working

- Ability to work in and adjust with different situations

- Previous experience within the area of intervention

- Being able to work autonomously under remote management

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Position in the organisational chart:

The Administrative Responsible will be under the direct supervision of the field coordinator

2. Main objective of the position

The Administrative Responsible supports the field coordinator in processing SIs accounting operations and HR management on a mission.

He/she offers administrative support to the administrative officer and teams on all matters relating to accounting and HR.

3. Specific Tasks of the position

Financial accounting and budgetary management

 Carry out preliminary budgetary controls to be forwarded to the administrator and regularised

Management of the mission’s accounting

 Ensure that lease contract sums due are paid and distribute the burden of costs

 Check with the HR department that the personnel database is complete and up-to-date

 Allocate invoices for expenses from other missions (inter-mission expenses)

 Centralize the accounting for different bases within SAGA

 Verify the accounting for different bases (description accounting codes analytical codes monthly exchange rate)

 Carry out a systematic monthly check of advances from each cash box (matched and unmatched)

 Carry out transaction matching at a mission level

 Carry out physical checks of supporting documents received from the bases

 Check cash box inventories and bank reconciliations for each Balzac

 Ensure that the monthly accounting documents are compiled and sent to the headquarters: accounting board DATA salary cash box inventories bank reconciliations HOMERE backup)

 Carry out the required accounting changes if necessary (reallocations etc.)

 Integrate the exchange rates sent by the headquarters into SAGA every month

 Monitor the monthly allocation of Paris costs incurred by the headquarters within SAGA

 Send SAGA to bases following monthly integration at the headquarters

 Monitor voucher creation at bases and the monthly return of base documents to the coordinating committee

 Verify vouchers and other accounting documents to be sent to the headquarters every 6 months

 Supervise the semi-annual closing summary and the annual accounting closure with the administrative team under the supervision of the administrative coordinator or his/her deputy (expenditure incurred and analytical and budgetary allocation leave balances donations in kind equipment assets etc.)

Records management of expatriates and nationals

 Organize the administrative briefing for expatriate employees

 Ensure the administrative management of expatriates within the Solidarités International mission (file visa plane tickets...)

 Keep up-to-date on all documents and developments relating to the right to work employment in general and personnel training

 Collect the information necessary to monitor developments in the cost of living

 Check the dates of employment contracts and inform the administrator of their deadlines

 Keep individual employee records up to date

 Ensure that recruitment and contract termination procedures are respected

 Prepare new employment contracts

 Inform new employees of internal regulations

 Prepare administrative documents relating to employment contracts

 Record absences in the database

 Monitor annual reviews

 Supervise the payment of advances medical expenses overtime payments

 Supervise the calculation of taxes duties and social security contributions as well as payment by the accounting cashier to the relevant organisation

 Prepare the information and statistical data needed to formulate budgets and salary costs

 Aid the administrator during meetings with personnel representatives

 Compile and make monthly checks of the base information entered in the HOMERE software

Administrative management of the mission

 Ensure physical and IT archiving as well as securing HR and accounting documents

 Conduct the quarterly mailing of accounting and HR archives to headquarters after internal inspection

Team management

 Participate in training the administrative teams

 Ensure that mission cashiers accountants and HR assistants are trained

 Train and supervise the cashier of the coordinating base

 Verify the coordinating base’s accounting

 Offer HR support to the bases in the administrator’s absence

 Ensure minimum staffing levels for the administrative service during periods of absence (vacation illness...)


 In conjunction with the administrative coordinator or his/her deputy monitor whether accounting documents are consistent with interim and final financial reports

 Ensure that declarations and payments of taxes and contributions are made to the relevant organizations

 Prepare and assist with audits or possible inspections

Submission Guideline

To apply please submit: a two page curriculum vitae; a one page cover letter explaining how your skills and experience match the job requirements stated above. If possible please send all the above in one document – MS Word or PDF. Also write the job title and your name in the subject line. Send to [email protected]
Submissions can also be done by hand in SI’s offices.
If you have not heard from SI within a month you should presume you were not short listed for this post. However SI thanks you for your interest and encourages you to apply for other openings where your skills and experience match.
Solidarites International may cancel this recruitment at any time

Email: [email protected]