Agriculture and Livestock Supervisor

Vacancy Number:Cap-031/120718
Title: Agriculture and Livestock Supervisor
Duration:One Year (extendable)
Exp.: 2018-07-21-(7 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Salary:ACTED salary scale


Organization: ACTED | About ACTED
City: Balkh
Country: AF


Education: Bachelor or Masters degree in Agriculture Agronomy or a related field.
Work Experience: At least 5 of experience in lead positions Years

Bachelor or Masters degree in Agriculture Agronomy or a related field.

At least 5 years of experience in lead positions in agriculture and/or livestock programmes.

At least 3 years of experience in a managerial position with an ability to lead and build the capacity of large project teams.

Demonstrated ability to work with local authorities and government agencies local governance structures cooperatives and female farmers.

Knowledge of government line agencies’ mandates and key policies

Knowledge of the target area’s culture traditions and sensitiveness

Experience working with and coordinating with I/NGOs and other stakeholders

Ability to regularly travel to the project sites for doing field work.

Demonstrated budget management skills;

Good critical thinking skills

Excellent Dari Pashto and English language skills.

Proficiency in the use of computer office applications and email.

Strong leadership skills.

Strong interpersonal intercultural and communication skills

Enthusiasm and commitment to improve others’ livelihoods opportunities and engage with rural communities including women

Ability to write clear accurate and brief monthly quarterly and final project reports and compile associated data

Duties & Responsibilities


ACTEDs Agriculture and Livestock supervisor will be responsible to oversee the implementation of all activities planned under the agriculture and livestock result of ACTED’s Sustained Rural Development  Programme (SRDP) Phase IV across the four provinces of intervention (Faryab Jawzjan Balkh Samangan).

The SRDP IV’s overall objective is to contribute to sustainable and inclusive rural development of Faryab Jawzjan Balkh and Samangan provinces.

The SRDP IV’s agriculture and livestock result’s objective is to enhance agricultural livelihoods and access to market.




The Agriculture and Livestock Supervisor is based in ACTED Mazar-e-Sharif area office with extensive travels to SRDP IV target districts in Faryab Jawzjan Balkh and Samangan provinces. The Supervisor will spend an approximate 40% of his/her working time in the Mazar-e-Sharif office and the other 60% in other ACTED offices or in project sites in the above mentioned provinces.

Responsible for:

Agriculture and Livestock team leaders (directly); Agronomists Veterinarians (indirectly)

Details of Responsibilities:


Project cycle management:


§Support the programme launch and initial set up (recruitment of staff provision of induction trainings finalization of basic programme documents selection of training materials etc.);

§Prepare the weekly monthly quarterly and annual implementation plans of the agriculture and livestock result of the project oversee its realization and bring necessary adjustments to it in consultation with the Programme Manager.

§Lead and supervise agriculture and livestock project activities implementation and plan the various stages of project implementation; guide the implementation of the project and the methods of follow-up.

§In close coordination with the Programme Manager and ACTED’s Finance department prepare expenditure plan cash need projections oversee the budget utilization and propose necessary budget realignments. Prepare annual quarterly expenditure  plan with monthly phased expenditure plan.

§Support the Agriculture and Livestock team leaders and Programme Manager on financial logistical administrative/HR follow-up at the provincial level.

§Provide professional technical assistance in preparing viable recommendations on project implementation alternative approaches and optimal utilization of resources that contribute effectively to the fulfilment of the needs of the target groups.

§Support IMPACT and ACTED’s Appraisal Monitoring and Evaluation (AME) teams on designing tools and methodology on different assessments and implementation of the AGORA Programme Research Unit.

§Establish and maintain relationship with the MAIL/DAIL. Communicate and coordinate relevant/project related issues with the related governmental authorities and other stakeholders at provincial level.

Mentor and support Agriculture and Livestock activities including irrigation infrastructure rehabilitation and social water management; support to agricultural productivity and value chain development; support to extension service providers; livestock and veterinary services development; local market development etc.

Coordinate with the AME team - finalization and execution of AME plan grieviance handling arranging site visits/meetings preparation baseline/endline surveys capacity assessments etc. 

Ensure gender equality mainstreaming with regards to the project beneficiaries through effective programme strategies.

Team Management

Lead the recruitment and training of education team members in collaboration with the Programme Manager the HR department and provincial coordination.

Develop the capacity of the agriculture and livestock team deepen their understanding of their roles and assist with career development. Plan induction and technical trainings as well as refresher trainings.

Assist team members with information tools and resources to improve performance and reach objectives (e.g. manuals guidelines checklists etc.).

Ensure staff has proper weekly monthly quarterly and annual plan for project implementation

Promote accountability communicate expectations and provide constructive feedback informally and formally via regular one on one and performance reviews.

Create and sustain a work environment of mutual respect where team members strive to achieve excellence.

§Participate actively in weekly area or base meetings workshops seminars and conferences organised by ACTED.

Contribute to the creation of reports ensuring the quality and accuracy of technical information provided. Provide regular updates on project implementation and also relevant technical data in particular through updated  monthly reports and weekly updates; Prepare timely reports according to the requirements of the donor and internal deadlines of the Project Development Department.


External Representation

Identify build and manage collaborative partnerships with local government agencies and other stakeholders relevant for the agriculture and livestock result of the SRDP IV. 

Communicate effectively to ensure overall project targets and donor requirements are met.

§Participate in technical and sectorial meetings to ensure visibility amongst local authorities; exchange of information communication with the line departments;

§Close communication with the government authorities and other NGOs focal points and support to all provincial teams in their cooperation with line departments;

The Supervisor is expected to contribute to the creation of a positive image and overall credibility of the organization notably through the application of ACTED’s mandate ethics values and stand-point with regard to other actors.

Submission Guideline

Please indicate the position title {Agriculture and Livestock Supervisor} Area/Place & Vacancy Number Cap-031/120718) you are applying in subject of the email Otherwise your application will not be considered.

Applications in English should include a resume a cover letter and three references (No certificates attached) and be submitted no later than 21-07-2018 to the following address:

ACTED Kabul office

Turabaz khan Square Qudart Center Shahr-e-Naw Kabul– Afghanistan

E-Mail: [email protected] & [email protected]

NOTE: Only qualified candidates will be Short-listed and female candidates are encouraged to apply

Email: [email protected] & [email protected]