Assistant Account Officer

Vacancy Number:FMFB-HR-0129-2018
Title: Assistant Account Officer
Exp.: 2018-10-20-(6 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1


Organization: First Micro Finance Bank | About First Micro Finance Bank
City: Kabul
Country: AF


Education:BA in economics business
Work Experience:2 Experience in Related Field Years

Education:    academic background DBA or preferably BA in economics business and accounting.

Experience:    hands on experience of at least 2 years in banking frontline or related field.

Skills:                 high level proficiency in speaking and writing English good command of the predominant   

                             Local languages – Dari and Pashto good communication skills sufficient level of computer  

                             Literacy having the skill to convent the customers conceptual skills

                             Communication/interpersonal skills.

Personal Traits:    Commitment ability and desire to learn and develop integrity tactfulness being value driven

                              and self-disciplined.


Duties & Responsibilities

The Role

This position is responsible for the entire portfolio of accounts and ensuring complete compliance with AML and KYC policies. Monitoring the front office desks and Account document and updating its relevant records in line with bank policy and DAB requirement. This position also responds to customer’s queries.

The Responsibilities

1. Interviews the customer and gets enough information about the customer and ensuring receiving complete documentations.

2. Explains all terms and conditions of the bank in line of compliance with AML and KYC policies.

3. Verifying Signature and ensuring the accuracy of customer request including remittances cheques and any other banking related requests.

4. Preparing the bank guarantee and follow up to return back the expired BG/s.

5. To ensure the accuracy of audit request form and prepare the audit reply accordingly.

6. Provide statement to customers while requested through authorized email or in hard.

7. Replying and answering customer queries and trying to resolve issues of customers on time at front office desk.

8. Ensuring to respond the customer queries through emails or telephone and update customers after resolve.

9. Sending monthly and quarterly statement and Preparing the balance confirmation at year end to all individual and corporate customers.

10. Updating the signature in MIS system and timely checking of documentations i.e. signature cards sequence of customers files.

11. Prepare A/C opening documentations i.e. signature cards sequence of customer files.

12. Preparing and distributing the notice on time in case of any changes in terms of banking services.

13. Any other identical task assigned by the respective line manager.


Submission Guideline

If you meet the above requirements we are encouraging you to apply for the job please send us your resume via email no later than 20 October 2018. Please make sure that your email includes the vacancy number as subject line.

Email: [email protected]