Business Trainer

Vacancy Number:
Title:Business Trainer
Category:Education Teaching & Training
Duration: Permanent
Exp.: 2015-12-29-(4 Yearss Ago)
Jobs no:1


Organization: Zardozi-Markets for Afghan Artisans | About Zardozi-Markets for Afghan Artisans
City: Kabul
Country: AF


Work Experience:0 Years
To have exprience of conducting trianing 

Duties & Responsibilities

to arrange and implement business and Nisfe Jehan training of agreed quality and according to modules and agreed methodology so as to ensure that targets are achieved and the programme is developed
         1.       Arranging training 
·         Agree criteria for clients to come to training with Project Officer and other staff
·         Call or otherwise contact clients and invite for training according to methodology agreed with Project Officer and Regional manager
·         Arrange training with Admin/Account and Regional Manager
·         Is responsible for ensuring that the training environment is clean, quiet, comfortable and arranged so as to facilitate the training course under implementation
2.       Providing training 
·         Implement training using methodology agreed with Training Manager and Regional Manager
·         Ensure that the Zardozi module is followed at all times. If there is a problem with the module Business Trainer must communicate with Training Manager rather than making independent changes
·         Ensure that all materials as given in the module are used during the training, inform Regional Manager immediately if there are any problems with materials
·         Keep training materials clean and safe in secure environment
·         Work with trainees to ensure that they are interested, that they are understand the training and that they get the breaks that are needed
·         Follow up trainees who do not come to training – take help of Project Officer and Regional Manager if Business Trainer cannot solve the problem alone
3.       Follow up of training 
·         Carry out research on training impact and effect as required by Training Manger and/or Regional Manager
·         Carry out own research regularly on training effectiveness
4.       Monitoring and mentoring other training 
·         Monitor and mentor other trainers and assess other trainings as requested by Regional Manager
·         Provide training of trainers and assist in other training as requested by Training Manger and/or regional Manager
5.       Recording and reporting training 
·         Collect attendance data as required by Regional Manager and Training Manager
·         Maintain training records and progress spread sheets as required by Regional Manager and Training Manager
·         Prepare daily activity record and other reports as required by Project Officer and Regional Manager
8.            Collection of membership fees
All staff who provide services must collect membership fees                                                       

Submission Guideline

Applicants should be submitted their CV’s through this e-mail address: [email protected]
Subject line must be: (Business Trainer VA 0038) or your application may not be considered 
Email: [email protected]