Capacity Development Consultant

Vacancy Number:VA/2019/GIZ/55
Title: Capacity Development Consultant
Duration:01 May 2019 – 31 Oct 2020
Exp.: 2019-04-22-(4 Days From now)
Jobs no:1
Salary:According to GIZ salary scale


Organization: GIZ-Afghanistan-IDPP Project | About GIZ-Afghanistan-IDPP Project
City: Balkh
Country: AF


Education:Bachelor’s degree (Master degree is preferable)
Work Experience:5 to 8 Years


Bachelor’s degree (Master degree is preferable)

Professional Experience

Minimum of 5 years of progressive work experience in an equivalent position with master’s degree and 8 years of working experience with the bachelor’s degree.

Experience in public sector capacity building and development. Experience working in a similar position for an NGO or an international organization is preferred.

Other knowledge additional competences

Excellent computer skills with a good knowledge of Microsoft Word Excel PowerPoint the internet and statistics softwares.

Excellent interpersonal skills including patience diplomacy willingness to listen to and respect colleagues.

Must be capable to work both as individually and as part of a team. Must also be able to create a supportive working relationship among all project teams.

Excellent planning report and proposal writing skills.

Languages: fluent Dari Pashto and English essential.

Duties & Responsibilities

1.     Responsibilities:

The Capacity Development Consultant is responsible for assisting in the coordination of capacity building initiatives for the Directorates of Refugees and Repatriates in Balkh province. The position entails staff skills development and assisting the Directorate to manage external technical relations with provincial representatives government authorities NGO’s civil society organizations and international organizations. The position involves building the capacity of the Directorate to extend its reach to districts and communities throughout the province to develop new projects prepare plans write report write proposals prepare budgets and attract funding for projects related to refugees and returnees in the province.

2.     Related Tasks:

Manage and support the skills development of the Provincial Directorates of Refugees and Repatriates (DoRR) staff;

Provide regular on-the-job trainings and serve as a mentor and guide for other staff members in the directorate transfer knowledge and skills and build their capacity to undertake the various functions of the office when the Capacity Development Consultant’s contract comes to an end.

Identify areas of weakness and recommend training required for the personnel of the Directorate.

Co-ordinate the practical delivery of training provided from a variety of sources including training programs planned by GIZ-IDPP and ensure sustainability of the trainings.

Build the capacity of the Directorate to deliver quality services to refugees repatriates and returnees including internally displaced persons and integration of displaced people in communities throughout the province.

Assist the Director in planning preparing reports and writing proposals for vocational training in different areas.

Assist in the identification of new initiatives develop project proposals and budgets and attract funding for projects.

Assist the Director in maintaining key relations with relevant Governmental and Non-governmental institutions as well as donors.

Undertake field trips to the districts in the province to communicate government initiatives and developments and identify first hand needs and priorities.

Undertake other tasks as requested by the Director of Refugees and Repatriates and GIZ-IDPP team.


3.     General Tasks:


§  To follow up the implementation of all tasks mentioned above.

§  To support the GIZ-IDPP team in preparation of new projects.

§  You may be assigned individual tasks related to project administration and project implementation.


4.     Other Duties/Additional Tasks:


§  To be able to provide necessary information related to funded projects to implementation partners such local authorities and communities leaders.

§  To facilitate and arrange field visits for international visitors and GIZ personal

§  To act as the focal person of GIZ-IDPP project at the directorates and coordinate all the activities related to IDPP project with the directorate and other relevant stakeholders at the provincial level.



Nature/ form of deliverables:

·         Preparation of DoRR office plan for 1398-1399.

·         Preparation of DoRR annual report and separate departments reports for 1397 & 1398.

·         Preparation of at least 5 concept notes and 2 proposals for DoRR office regarding vocational training and other opportunities for returnees and IDPs.

·         Prepare a need assessment of training of DoRR staff to be conducted by the consultant and via external sources.

·         Conduct on the job training for all DoRR staff

·         Prepare before and after assessment sheets of the conducted on the job trainings with at least 75% of success result.

·         Support and advise DoRR director and managers on the routine work.

·         Liaise and coordinate GIZ-IDPP activities at the provincial level.

·         Submitting monthly reports (Narrative).

·         Submitting nice pictures and success stories


Ø Submission/comments timing deadline of deliverables: within 1 working day based on the agreed schedule.

Ø Format (hard copy soft copy photos etc.)

Ø 15 deliverables / 2 report(s) copies signed each page of the report for each completed month based on schedule.

Submission Guideline

You are kindly requested to send your CV and letter of motivation with complete contact details to our office through the following email address:


Email: [email protected]


The subject line of your email must contain the vacancy number and job title of the position.

Please do not send us your working certificates educational certificates or any other additional documents while you are applying for the post. We will ask you for these documents if you are selected for the next steps of recruitment.


Only those candidates will be invited for written test or interview who meets the qualifications and requirements for the mentioned job vacancy.


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