Cash Transfer Programme Manager (CTPM)

Vacancy Number:DM [email protected]
Title: Cash Transfer Programme Manager (CTPM)
Category:Natural Resources Management
Duration:1 YEAR (Extendable)
Exp.: 2021-04-27-(3 Weeks From now)
Jobs no:1
Salary:As per the program salary skills (Negotiable).


Organization: ARCS | About ARCS
City: Kabul
Country: AF


Education: University degree in Economics or relevant field (Master’s degree would be preferred).
Work Experience: Minimum 5 of professional experience with Years

Duties and Responsibilities:  

The key responsibilities and accountabilities of CTP Manager will include but not limited to followings.

Programme Design and Strategy:

In coordination with the Disaster Management Director contribute to identifying research needs and support the design implementation and analysis of assessments that significantly contribute to evidence based programming and the identification of new programming opportunities.

In coordination with the Disaster Management Director contribute to the development of a CTP programme strategy.

Contribute to the development of CTP related concept notes and proposals for ARCS destined for submission to donors.

Contribute in the development and review of all Guidelines and SOPs pertaining to CTP programming

Track progress against weekly monthly and annual plans. Identify gaps and systematically develop processes to gather data analyse options and propose evidence-based solutions to ensure timely and effective implementation of activities.

Support the establishment of any framework work agreement or any other procurement works of CTP operations.

Technically lead the implementation of market analysis and market assessment activities.

Programme Management and Implementation:

Assist the Branch Office team in the development and the implementation of Detailed Implementation Plans for all relevant activities.

Communicating with the Branch teams in target provinces on a daily basis to confirm the progress of activities as per the Detail Implementation Plan (DIP) and report this along with any challenges faced to the Disaster Management Director.

Support the Disaster Management Director with tracking CTP programme expenses to support budget management.

Monitoring the weekly and monthly cashflow levels and ensure they meet short-term operating needs and are in line with the long-term budget management plan.

Monitor with the finance team and report the cash availability with Financial Service Providers and their agents for the regular distributions’ instances and planning.

Arrange for receipts and payment lists of cash from shopkeepers and Financial Service Providers for internal approvals.

Contribute to the development and implementation of the procurement plans.

Contribute to quality assurance of all programme items by ensuring all donor and ARCS standard testing is carried out in a timely manner.

Ensure that minimum data collection e.g. establishment of baseline data gathering for beneficiary and prices conduct regular market price monitoring and post distribution monitoring and evaluation processes are in place to measure the results and impact of CTP programme interventions.


Programme Quality and Compliance:

In close coordination with the Disaster Management Director and PMER department contribute into quarterly and annual reviews of learnings gleaned through programme data and reports and PMER mechanisms.

Contribute to the development of ‘Terms of References’ (TORs) for all Monitoring Activities and programme evaluations for ARCS’s CTP programming and support the review of all monitoring and assessment reports and evaluations.

Contribute to the development of all monitoring tools particularly all distribution and post distribution tools.

Ensure all CTP activities are implemented in line with ARCS’s Guidelines and SOPs.

Implement an activity monitoring process and share findings with Disaster Management Director for dissemination to donors and coordination forums.

Translation of field reports from local languages into English when required.

Maintain files and archives of CTP Support program documentation including catchment population distribution and reconciliation records.

Assist the Disaster Management team to ensure the gender protection and safeguarding are integrated into programme design and implementation. Have a commitment to beneficiary accountability & humanitarian principles and ARCS’s Code of Conduct.

Capacity Building of ARCS Staff:

With the collaboration of Disaster Management Director Branch Office Directors and HR team; identify develop and implement capacity development plan of ARCS staff for the interest of implementing CTP activities with quality and based on ARCS’s CTP directions/approaches.

 Coordination and Representation:

Support the coordination activities with IFRC Red Cross Red Crescent (RCRC) movement partners and external humanitarian platforms such as the Cash and Voucher Working Group (CWG) and the Food Security & Livelihoods (FSL) Cluster in Afghanistan to coordinate ARCS planned activities and avoid potential overlapping. Responsible to track and maintain records of humanitarian needs in ARCS areas of operation.

Represent ARCS CTP programme in internal and external coordination and technical forums/Cluster/Working Groups as requested.

Responsible for submitting 4Ws report to the CVWG and FSL Cluster.

Liaise with other departments including finance/administration procurement and human resource departments to ensure adequate support for all CTP activities.

Ensure information is circulated to the Branch Office teams and RCRC Partners appropriately.

Knowledge and Skills:

Strong capacity and skills in implementing Rapid Assessment for Market.

Skills of providing capacity building training to project team members.

Management and leadership skills.

Adaptable to humanitarian context.

Communication and coordination skills

Monitoring evaluation and professional report writing skills.

Managing stressful time skills.

Ability and willingness to travel if required.

Ability to work over official times in need base.


Fluently spoken and written command in English as well as in local languages (Dari and Pushto). 

Duties & Responsibilities

Role Purpose/Job Purpose:

In recognition of the increased use of cash transfers in humanitarian responses and in particular in view of the increased focus on meeting basic needs through multi-sector cash transfer programmes (CTPs) this role is to build capacity and support the operational delivery of cash transfers.

This specialism sits outside of any technical sector and is intended to support the implementation of CTPs from the initial feasibility and risk assessment stage to the selection of a delivery mechanism and including contracting of external finance service providers when this is the selected option. This role has an operational rather than programmatic focus and is designed to support the technical support team to help and meet programmatic objectives through cash transfers. One is looking for applicants with a strong operational background in delivering cash transfer programmes rather than sector specific technical team (e.g. Food Security and Livelihood team).

The Cash Programme manager will be deployed as a HQ and field level within the line management of the disaster director. S/he will be expected to support on all aspects of setting up and/or managing all operational areas connected to cash delivery mechanism including budget development and reporting partners’ coordination and representation security logistics compliance with internal policies and procedures and management of team.

Submission Guideline

To apply: Please send your CV & Covering letter to below email address and include Cash Transfer Programme Manager (CTPM) [email protected] in the subject line of the application;

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If you require to submit our formal job application form you may visit office to receive the form for application. 

Note: Applications without specific subject line will not be considered

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