CDC/MCP Coordinator

Vacancy Number:SAF-Jan-011
Title: CDC/MCP Coordinator
Category:Health Care
Duration:One year extendable with three months Probationary period
Exp.: 2019-01-24-(3 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Salary: Based on SAF salary scale


Organization: Solidarity for Afghan Families SAF | About Solidarity for Afghan Families SAF
City: Kabul
Country: AF


Education:1. Medical Doctor with at least three years experience in managing community based health care deliv
Work Experience:2. Experience in malaria and vector borne disease Years


Medical Doctor with at least three years experience in managing community based health care delivery programs.

Experience in malaria and vector borne disease control would be an advantage.

Good working knowledge of computer Ms Windows and Ms Office (MS Word Excel and PowerPoint are the minimum requirements)

Strong communication presentation and report writing skills.

Fluent in English and local languages

Able and willing to travel at least by quarterly to JWN and Sar-e-Pul provinces.

To be flexible having positive attitude and the ability to work under pressure.

Duties & Responsibilities




Works with co-operative attitude and keep a high standard of quality

Develops spirit of co-operation and understanding among members of the organization.

Follows SAFs established policies procedures and objectives; continuous quality improvement initiative works/ performance


B- Specific Activities

Conduct regular supportive supervision of the health facilities and CHWs in order to ensure communicable diseases control  are implemented according to MOPH policies

Ensure availability of drugs for treatment of communicable diseases control in BPHS HFs supported by SAF.

Participate in communicable diseases control coordination meetings in at the central/Kabul level

Collect and consolidate communicable diseases control related reports at the central level and maintain proper records of the communicable diseases control and related documents

Identifies weaknesses in activities related to CDC and provides feedback to the relevant provincial staff.

Ensure proper implementation of Harmonized Quality Improvement Program (HQIP) standards in all SAF’s supported HFs

Ensure provision of translated guideline and policies about control of  communicable disease for all SAF’s supported HFs

Ensure that HIV/AID and TB international days are effectively celebrated at the provincial level.

Ensure that LLINs are distributed to the target groups according to the strategy/SOP.

Ensure that LLINs are properly stored in each distribution point.

Ensure the IEC sessions are provided followed by relevant staff while distributing LLINs.

Provide training to the relevant staff as required

Conduct supervisory visits form the service delivery areas on regular basis to improve performance of relevant staff and field workers on case management and LLIN distribution in relevant provinces.

Attend relevant meetings with MoPH NMLCP UNDP and other stakeholders as required.

Coordinate activities with NMLCP at the central level.

Ensure that program targets (daily/monthly/quarterly) are achieved in relevant province.

Ensure proper documentation for LLINs distribution and malaria case management in relevant SDA in the provinces.

Manage and coordinate overall MCP activities in relevant province.

Revised and check monthly activity reports and Provide monthly activities plan.

Prepare and follow monthly supervision plan.

Ensure the usage of supervision/monitoring checklist during the visit from provincial office and service delivery areas

Manage train and supervise provincial MCP project staff.

Support finance team in preparation of project financial reports on monthly basis.

Attend joined monitoring visits with NMLCP UNDP and GF staff.

Any other relevant management tasks assigned by the line manager

Submission Guideline

Interested Applicants are requested to submit a cover letter and detailed CV with names of three professional references (including telephone and email address) through e-mail address ([email protected]) indicating on the Subject line the title of the position and vacancy number          (CDC/MCP Coordinator).

Email: [email protected]