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Chief Risk Officer

Vacancy Number:NKB-020-HRVN-0009
Title: Chief Risk Officer
Duration:One year - Ext.
Exp.: 2020-02-28-(1 Week From now)
Jobs no:1
Salary:As per organization salary policy per month


Organization: New Kabul Bank | About New Kabul Bank
City: Kabul
Country: AF


Education:Bachelor or Master Degree
Work Experience:5-7 Years

Knowledge skills and abilities:

- Strong understanding of risk exposure calculation methods.

- Extensive knowledge of credit grading and rating concepts and the technical development of such underlying models as well as working knowledge of the Basel II accord.

- Strong analytical skills with a working knowledge in the principles of credit risk market risk operation risk liquidity risk and finance.

- Sound knowledge of investment risk and portfolio management concepts.

- Understanding of other operational risks including IT Security.

- Ability to clearly articulate and express a bank risk appetite.

- Knowledge of policy development and implementation.

- Strong command of risk management principles tools and models.

- In depth understanding of the regulatory economic sectors client and market environment and trends.

- Excellent communication organizational and managerial skills.

- Have high ethical standards and integrity in both their personal and professional dealings.

- Have broad experience in operational risk in banking.  


Education or Training;

- Bachelors or masters in finance accounting finance banking economics or related field;

- Risk management professional training or certification such as FRM/PRM desirable.



- 5-7 years working experience in a bank (preferred) rating agency or finance company as a credit or risk management officer with responsibilities that included development &/or participation in credit grading activities portfolio management & credit review/approval;

- Or 5-7 years’ experience in credit/risk/fraud management in a financial institution;

- Previous management experience;

- Experience in default/fraud management;

- Experience using risk management tools such as Risk Metrics;

- Asset/Liability Management Experience.

Duties & Responsibilities

Chief Risk Officer

The CRO has primary responsibility for overseeing the development and implementation of the banks risk management function. The CRO is responsible for supporting the board in its development of the banks risk appetite and for translating the risk appetite into a risk limits structure.


Job Description:

- Setting the vision and strategy for the enterprise risk function working in conjunction with the bank management.

- Building a robust risk management framework and architecture for the Bank bringing together a number of teams (operational risk credit administration enterprise risk management interest rate and market risk stress testing modeling and analytics) and managing the enterprise wide risk.

- Building and leading a highly collaborative and proactive risk function that is able to navigate the increasingly complex business and regulatory environment that the Bank operates in Afghanistan as well as globally.

- Ensuring a system-wide view and understanding of the combined risks of the business and their inter-relationships (interest rate risk liquidity risk operating risk credit risk reputational risk regulatory risk).

- Formulating and articulating a coherent risk appetite and infrastructure including operating and financial models and hiring plans.

- Embedding a positive culture of confident and informed risk-taking through training communication and promotion of the agreed risk framework.

- Partnering effectively with third parties regulatory bodies and others as appropriate and serving as a role model for high personal and corporate ethical values and standards of integrity.

- Responsible for compiling assessing and reporting risk information to the  bank management and the Board.

- Managing the regulatory risks and controls for the assigned regulation law or line of business to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

- To work with management to ensure a system is in place which ensures that all major risks of the bank are identified and analyzed on an annual basis.

- Maintain a risk register based on the identified applicable laws and regulations fraud schemes and AML considerations.

- Assist in the development and monitoring of key risk indicators (KRIs) that are mapped to various risks to determine elevations in risk and proactively implement risk mitigation measures.

- Identify emerging risks that present new regulatory fraud or money laundering risks. These includes risks associated with new products and services customer types geographies and channels.

- Coordinate the collection of risk information from source systems departments and reporting. Analyze the data and apply to various key risk areas to update the risk profile.

Submission Guideline

Interested candidates are requested to send their applications along with copies of their CV and educational and work certificates to the following address.

NKB main office - HRD

Add; 10-42 Torabaz Khan Shahr-e-Naw Kabul - Afghanistan.

Applications by email can be sent to [email protected]  All candidates short-listed for interviews will be directly contacted.

Kindly copy the vacancy number and past it in your e-mail subject line with the position title otherwise you won’t be short listed. 

Email: [email protected]