CHNE Trainer

Vacancy Number:OHPM-KBL-012
Title: CHNE Trainer
Category:Health Care
Duration:1 year
Exp.: 2019-01-21-(3 Months Ago)
Jobs no:3
Salary:As per Organization salary Scale Policy


Organization: Organization for Health Promotion and Management(OHPM) | About Organization for Health Promotion and Management(OHPM)
City: Paktika
Country: AF


Education:Medical Doctor
Work Experience:At least 3 work experience in management of Years

Afghan national


Clinical experience :5 years

Female is preferable

Professional NURSE  trained in new Curriculum and/or BSCN familiarity with competency-based education

Completion of the National Effective Teaching Skills course

Completion of National EOC course basic for female  teachers

Completion of National FDP training is a plus point

Fluent in Dari Pashto and working knowledge of English

Computer literate; MS Word  Excel and power point (or willing to have on the job training)

FTP1  FTP2  FTP3  Training is Must. 

Duties & Responsibilities

Participates in community nursing curriculum development:

  Familiarize with conceptual framework

  Perform literature search of content

  Review selected textbooks and other resources

  Establish curriculum goals and objectives

  Outline course content

  Develop outcome measurement tool

  Review and implement  curriculum

  Plan evaluate and revise curricula course content and course materials and methods of instruction

 Provide classroom instruction:

  Assess learners needs

  Review and update self-knowledge

  Review and update current topics and content

  Analyze content to be presented

  Determine teaching strategies and methodologies

  Prepare classroom teaching aids

  Arrange classroom environment

  Present theory content

  Administer evaluation tools

  Prepare course materials such as syllabi homework assignments and handouts

  Initiate facilitate and moderate classroom discussions

  Participate in student recruitment registration and placement activities

  Assists with maintaining personnel files for all students including record of theoretical knowledge assessment

  Monitors attendance of students and keeps attendance log.

  Supports the students throughout the program and offers counseling on personal or study related problems

  Assists the student to find answers to questions and apply theory to practice

  Notifies Course Coordinator of any concerns related to student learning and ability

  Participates in meetings report writing and dissemination of information related to the program as requested

  Liaises with clinical preceptors and other staff in the clinical areas to coordinate the clinical and theoretical aspects of community nursing education program.

  Identifies and participates in personal professional development opportunities to ensure that current best practice standards are used in teaching practice.

  Assumes responsibility for availability of resources used during the class

  Keep side by side of developments in their field by reading current literature talking with colleagues and participating in professional conferences.

In the Clinical Area:

1.      Provide Clinical Instruction

        Evaluate clinical site

        Orient to clinical site

        Review clinical objectives

        Pre-plan with clinical site

        Orient students to clinical site

        Assign student to specific units

        Facilitate patient assignments

        Select conference topics

        Pre-conference with students

        Provide individualized clinical instruction

        Demonstrate clinical procedures

        Observe student performance

        Provide student feedback

        Conduct post-conference

        Conduct ongoing evaluation

        Develop remediation plan

        Follow-up/final evaluation

2.      Assess clinical education needs and patient and client teaching needs utilizing a variety of methods.

3.      Compile administer and grade examinations or assign this work to others.

4.      Maintain student attendance records grades and other required records.

5.      Maintain regularly scheduled office hours in order to advise and assist students.

6.      Coordinate training programs with area schools clinics hospitals health agencies and/or vocational schools.

7.      Select and obtain materials and supplies such as textbooks and laboratory equipment.

8.      Participate in camps and community events.

9.      Act as advisers to student to deal with social and academic issues.

10.  Demonstrate patient care to students in clinical units of hospitals.

11.  Perform administrative duties such as serving as department head.

12.  Ensure all necessary supplies and equipment are available for students in clinical practice

13.  Discuss the clinical objectives of students and facilitate opportunities for practice

14.  Monitor the students to assess their level of competency and any areas that need to be improved then records this in the logbooks and on the Evaluation of Student’s Clinical Performance form.

15.  Assists with student support services such as counseling and remedial tutoring.

16.  Identifies and participates in personal professional development opportunities to ensure that current best practice standards are used in teaching practice.

17.  Notifies the Clinical Coordinator of any concerns related to the students.

18.  Communicates whenever necessary with the Coordinator informing her of any problems or concerns about carrying out her responsibilities.

Submission Guideline

Application submission: Interested and qualified candidates should submit an application letter with updated CV to OHPM HR department only via Email: [email protected]

Note: please add the title of position on which you applied for in the Subject line of your email.

Email: [email protected]