Vacancy Number:
Category:Health Care Hospitality-Hotel
Exp.: 2016-02-29-(3 Yearss Ago)
Jobs no:1


Organization: Medair | About Medair
City: Bamyan
Country: AF


Work Experience:0 Years




·Work experience

  • Experience as a cleaner
  • Previous experience working with expatriates



  • Ability to speak and understand basic English


Duties & Responsibilities

General provisions:
  1. No access to bedrooms of IRS – whether currently occupied or vacant
  2. Cleaning materials should be stored in the laundry room
  3. Ensure cleaning cloths are washed regularly and kept in good stock
  4. New cleaning supplies can be ordered from the logistics department
  5. No access to office kitchen – this is the responsibility of the cook
  6. Maintain high standards of hygiene, separating cloths used for toilets and sinks/kitchen surfaces and using filtered water for tasks where appropriate
  7. Liaise with logistics regarding use of power on the premises
  8. To adhere to general NRS staff regulations at all times
  9. To adhere strictly to the relevant Medair security plans
  10. To be flexible and willing to assist in other areas of work
  11. To carry out other tasks as requested by the HR Manager
Every day
  • Vacuum the entry area to the office
  • Collect glasses and mugs from offices and wash them
  • Assist with set up of dining room for the staff lunch
  • Clean dining room thoroughly after the staff lunch
  • Assist cook in preparing for and clearing up of special occasions
  • Collect all rubbish from the office and house and arrange removal with base helper
  • Clean and disinfect the IRS kitchen and all bathrooms
  • Do extra cleaning as necessary, eg a special occasion has created more washing up/mess than usual
Twice a week   
  • Clean each floor thoroughly (vacuum, dust and sweep the hallways and living areas) and clean and disinfect the kitchen and all bathrooms

  • Thoroughly clean, dust and vacuum all offices

  • Do house ironing if any left on ironing board
Once a week
  • House: dust bookshelves
  • Clean tiles in all bathrooms
Once a month
  • Clean all windows (inside and those that can be reached outside)
  • Sweep outside balconies
  • Sweep front first-level balconies and sides of office and house aowli
Working hours will be Sunday to Thursday

Submission Guideline

Interested applicants should forward their CV and motivation letter in English, including their qualifications and relevant experience to perform the job by 29 Feb 2016.  To: [email protected] or [email protected]
The email subject line should include the following:
Cleaner Vacancy # Medair_CHL_103 otherwise your application will not be considered.
Email: [email protected]