Consultancy Services of Conducting Training of Solid Waste Management

Vacancy Number:VA-2018-68
Title: Consultancy Services of Conducting Training of Solid Waste Management
Category:Education Teaching & Training
Duration:As per training(in how mach trainer can conduct the training
Exp.: 2018-10-20-(6 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1


Organization: Afghanaid | About Afghanaid
City: Herat
Country: AF


Education:At least Five years of practical experiences in waste management.
Work Experience:Advanced degree (at least Master’s or equivalent) Years

  • Advanced degree (at least Master’s or equivalent) in Environmental Fields or waste management.

  • At least Five years of practical experiences in waste management.

  • Hands-on experience in design monitoring and evaluation of Environment projects for international NGO’s

  • Highly developed analytical experience and skills of facilitating Trainings

  • Good knowledge and experience of development training manuals module checklists and reports.

  • Familiarity with institutional donors requirements international and national laws and guidelines to be considered in training designing

Duties & Responsibilities

This consultancy is in the framework of the “Citizens’ Charter Afghanistan Project (Package #1) capacity building of solid-waste in Herat City”. The purpose of this Consultancy is to conduct 2 trainings (each for 2 days) for Oxfam and IDLG staff in Herat on solid waste management focusing on 25 participants in each of the trainings. Sound solid waste management is one of the serious and pressing environmental issues that the urban areas in Heart are now facing. If left unchecked this will have adverse impacts on environmental issues in general and on human health in particular not to mention economic development.  The locally generated domestic waste such as kitchen waste medical waste and industrial waste continue to be generated. Also the capacity is still limited under both public and private sectors in terms of technology as well as human skills to properly handle and reduce discharge and/or transfer of waste into more useful resources.

The focus of the training shall be on the adult learning methodology and techniques with developing a training manual and session plans on identification intervention level and protection policies. The consultant shall use interactive participatory and collaborative approaches in delivering of the training and provide tips on initial steps to establish effective solid waste management in the affected areas.

Afghanaid will participate in joint M&E with Oxfam by taking part in an Outcome Harvesting training in Kabul and two sets of field exercises in Herat. The training in Kabul is expected to take place in May 2018. Relevant Afghanaid staff will participate in this training and subsequently join Oxfam staff in two rounds of story gathering and outcome harvesting in Herat city.

Service Provider’s Deliverables:

  • Develop a training manual training session plan training handouts in (English Dari and Pashto) focusing on Solid Waste Management and cover at least below modules:

  • Concept of Solid Waste Management versus Garbage Removal.

  • Major types of waste (damage to buildings construction and demolition waste; waste generated by households markets and small businesses; hazardous waste: waste generated from healthcare industry and agricultural sector).

  • Promotion of urban culture through solid waste management.

  • 3Rs approach to waste management: reduce reuse and recycle.

  • How community should assess the existing situation of Solid Waste in the community.

  • How to prepare action plans for solid waste.

  • What are NEPA standards for effective management of solid waste?

  • Linkage of solid waste with alternative livelihoods through partnership with local enterprises.

  • Establishment of Community Solid Waste Management Committees.

  • New environmental friendly techniques for collection reuse and disposal of solid waste.

  • What are hazardous wastes and how to dispose them?

  • Role of Community Solid Waste Management Committees Municipality and Wakil-e-Guzars.


  • Deliver a one training by December 15 2018 for IDLG and Oxfam staff in Herat covering all above topics.

  • The training will be delivered to a total of 25 participants on above topics.

  • Prepare a complete report on the assignments (Preferred Language)

  • The medium of language would be Afghanistan’s National Languages (Dari and Pashto) for delivery of training and materials should be developed in English and translated into both Dari and Pashto.  

Submission Guideline

Submission of Expression of Interest

  • Individuals/Firms that meet the above requirements should submit expression of interest which should include the following:
  • Cover letter including the individual resource person’s/firm’s suitability for the assignment and current contact information
  • Documents supporting evidence of required qualification including samples of written reports  relevant experience CV of the resource person who will undertake directly this assignment
  • Detailed work plan including the proposed tasks described above and detailed training plan with breakdown of budget.
  • Previous experience references for reference check.  

After reviewing of the above documents Afghanaid will communicate its final decision within maximum 2 weeks. The above agreed document will become part of agreement between Afghanaid and the selected resource person / firm.

Email: [email protected]