Contracts Grants and Procurement Assistant

Vacancy Number:WLD - 0128
Title: Contracts Grants and Procurement Assistant
Duration:Long Term
Exp.: 2018-08-22-(6 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Salary:As Per NTA Salary Scale


City: Kabul
Country: AF


Education:Bachelor’s degree (or foreign equivalent) is required. A degree in finance or project management
Work Experience:Minimum of 1 year of related experience in related Years

  1. Bachelor’s degree (or foreign equivalent) is required. A degree in finance or project management or another related field is desirable but not required

  2. Proficient written and spoken English language skills are required. The ability to read and translate Dari and Pashto to English is desirable

  3. Strong communication and interpersonal skills

  4. Good mathematics skills are required

  5. A thorough understanding of Microsoft Office Software suite is required. Particularly strong skills in Excel and Word are required.

  6. Attention to detail and the ability to remain focused on tasks and not get easily distracted is a key requirement of the position

  7. Trustworthiness and the ability to be discrete with sensitive information are key requirements of the position

  8. Minimum of one year of work experience in an equivalent position.

  9. Experience working in a CG&P department and or a similar procurement department

  10. Experience working on a USAID funded project with some experience and understanding of USAID procurement rules and regulations

  11. Ability to work in a multi-cultural multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity

  12. Ability to work independently effectively in a fast-paced stressful environment.

  13. Honest dependable punctual with willingness to work in a team environment.

  14. Willingness to learn desire to continuously improve and perform at the highest level.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Contracts Grants and Procurement Assistant (CG&P Assistant) works under the direct supervision of the Mangers in that Department and will report to the Contracts Manager. The selected candidate will assist the CG&P Department across various procurement grant and contracts management tasks. The CG&P Assistant will support TT WLD management to maintain transparent effective and efficient contract grant and procurement process for all CG&P activities in support of the Tetra Tech WLD project. This position is based in the Tetra Tech WLD Project Office in Kabul Afghanistan.


In addition the CG&P Assistant at times will support other TT WLD Departments with activities related to CG&P functions in accordance with Tetra Tech policies and procedures and USAID rules and regulations governing procurement and grant and contract issuance and management.


The CG&P Assistant will spend most of their work hours supporting the procurement function of the CG&P Department.


Principal Duties and Tasks

  • Become thoroughly familiar the CG&P Departments systems and procedures for the management of contracts grants and procurement.

  • Prepare CG&P documents related to the solicitation review and approval of procurements according to predefined templates and protocols.

  • Support the Grants and Contracts Managers to administer and monitor grant agreements and contracts according to TT-WLD established protocols.

  • Work with CG&P Department personnel to complete the required purchase orders for the TT WLD Program.

  • Assist to maintain a clean thorough filing system (electronic paper binder) for all CG&P related documents that is audit ready at all times.

  • Assist to ensure all electronic files and documents are correctly saved and stored on project shared drives and other storage systems according to TT-WLD protocols.

  • Assist to file copy scan label CG&P subcontracts grants and purchase orders and other compliance related documents as needed ensuring that all documents are in filed in the appropriate hard and electronic copy formats.

  • Assist by creating and updating excel spreadsheets trackers and Memorandums of Record as required and requested by the CG&P Department personnel and or the DCG&P.

  • Provide note taking assistance at CG&P related meetings as required.

  • Understand the Goods Deliverable Receipt (GDR) and disposition of property process requirement and how it impacts the overall CG&P process.

  • Print copy scan file label and box all CG&P files as required and directed in preparation for project close out.

  • Professional email communication is required at all times.

  • Required to assist and support any other reasonable additional tasks as requested by the CG&P Department managers and Director.

The current job description will be periodically revisited as needed to reflect current realities and project needs. Amendments can be added to that effect.


The CG&P Assistant works under the supervision of the CG&P Managers and will report to the Contracts Manager.

Submission Guideline

Subject line must be: Contracts Grants & Procurement Assistant - WLD - 0128

 Note: Applications that do not meet the minimum requirements listed above will not be considered. Please ensure that only necessary documents are sent as incomplete applications and/or corrupt files may delay processing of your application or remove you from consideration.


Email: [email protected]