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Basic Information

Vacancy Number:
Title: Deputy Branch Manager
Category: Banking
Duration: Permanent (Three months probation)
Exp.: 2015-06-10
Jobs no: 1
Salary: 0
Gender: Male/Female


Organization: The First Microfinance Bank
Location: Balkh, AF


Work Experience: 0 Years
Academic background in economics or Science sciences.   
B. Experience:
At least 5 years experience in banking or Microfinance, where at least 2 years of it is Serving a managerial role.
C. Skills:                    
Ability to manage staff in a challenging commercial environment, a good command of                                    written and spoken English, good computer literacy, a good understanding of the concept, theory and practice of Microfinance Banking.
D. Personal Traits:   
Social concern; committed; believing in, and committed to staff capacity building; respectful to customers.

Duties & Responsibilities

The incumbent of the position is responsible for supervising specifically the work of loan officers and replacing the branch manager during his absence in terms of administering all the activities of the branch. In collaboration with the Branch manager, s/he supervises the work of the branch employees; and assists branch manager in managing a well thought-out commercial development of the branch.
1. Checks the authenticity of information given in loan applications on sample at random.
2. Trains and supervises the new loan officers; and advices them on various issues.
3. Assists the Branch Manager in various tasks, such as managing, monitoring and supervising the branch operations (loan portfolio, savings mobilisation etc.); and Manages branch liquidities.
4. Manages and supervises the work of branch staff; and is in-charge of branch administration in the absence of branch manager.
5. Assists BM in setting commercial objectives; and persuading staff to achieve them and constantly monitoring staff efforts to ensure their achievement.
6. In collaboration with the BM manages the logistical aspects (stock of documents, stationeries, vehicles,…) in coordination with the Logistics and Procurement sections.
7. Assists the BM in implementing the business plan/financial projections at branch level; and authorising expenses in line with the budget.
8. In the BM’s absence, follows up of important customers as well as delinquent customers; and chairs the Branch Loan Committee; and participates in the Credit Committee.
9. Responsible for staff attitude and ensuring a respectful, professional and banking values driven behaviour against customers.
10.  Any other identical task assigned by the respective supervisor/s.

Submission Guideline

Submission Guideline
Interested (Afghan National) candidates, who meet the above-mentioned requirements, are encouraged to submit their completed FMFB application form along with update Resumes/CVs and a cover letter expressing their candidacy to:

GuzariQadim behind of AbasIbrahimzada house sholgar district Balkh province Afghanistan.
 Electronic applications with completed FMFB application form (available in www.acbar.org, click on Downloads and search for “FMFB Job Application Form”) and update Resumes/CVs and a covering letter should be addressed to vacancies@fmfb.com.af no later than 10 June, 2015.
Your applications without the FMFB employment application form, CV and a covering letter will not be considered for short listing.

The subject for online applications must be; 5 - 15/Deputy Branch Manager/B 3800/Shulgara/ 040” or your applications will not be considered.

Only short-listed candidates meeting the requirements of the position will be contacted after the expiry of the deadline.

If an Active Employee of AKDN sister Organization wishes to apply an FMFB positions he/she must share the issue with, and obtain NOC (No Objection Certificate) from His/her current employer in advance and attach it to his CV/Applications. Failure to do so disqualifying him/her for consideration as candidate.

Email: recruit@radp-w.com