Vacancy Number:
Duration: 1 Year
Exp.: 2016-03-29-(3 Yearss Ago)
Jobs no:1


Organization: Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) National Horticulture and Livestock Project (NHLP) | About Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) National Horticulture and Livestock Project (NHLP)
City: Bamyan
Country: AF


Education:Primary Education essential- Secondary will be preferred
Work Experience:0 Years
  • Primary Education essential, Secondary will be preferred.

1-2 years of relevant work experience with NGOs

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Operate ADB/MAIL vehicles as assigned by supervisor Maintain vehicle logbook- in Accordance with MAIL  policies/regulations
  • Check the vehicle conditions before/after each trip routinely – report needs and problems to supervisor
  • Adhere to all road traffic safety regulations as advised by MAIL and supervisor
    Keep the vehicle always ready, clean and on standby – ready for use at all times
  • Undertake field assignments as requested
  • Check the mechanical status of the assigned vehicle on a daily basis; wash and clean it regularly; undertake minor repairs and report immediately the major repairs to be carried out
  • Ensure timely servicing of the vehicle, as and when necessary
  • Promptly report accidents involving the assigned vehicle in accordance with the established rules and regulations
  • Take responsibility for refueling of the assigned vehicle through the immediate supervisor
  • Perform any other functions as may be required from time to time, and as may be assigned by the Supervisor
  • Load/unload staffs luggage and office equipment as/when required
Additional duties:
1.      Keep and maintain the vehicle clean and  ready for drive
2.      Never leave the vehicle alone
3.      Watch  out for any security threats toward the vehicle and the passengers
4.      Have a valid license and  driving experience with  at least one international organization for more than one year
5.      Drive quietly and do  not talk  or chat while driving
6.      Do not stop while driving unless instructed so by the passenger
7.      No use of mobile phone while driving, if required then park the vehicle to the side.
8.      Fix flat tires and any other problem of the vehicle after staff drop and before the next pick up
9.      Always keep the vehicle tank full of fuel and change the oil when required
10.  Never use EAVS vehicle for private use unless permitted to do so

Submission Guideline

The interested candidates should submit their resume alone with a covering letter as follow conditions:
  • Kindly send us your Attested Educational Documents.
  • Please send your CV along with a cover letter electronically to ([email protected])
  • Subject line must be: (Data Entry)-061/MAIL/EAVS) otherwise your application will NOT be considered.
  • Please note that application received after the closing date will not be considered.
  • Only short listed candidates whose application responds to the above criteria will be contacted for interview.
By email or Hard to the following address:
Jamal Mena, Karti – Sakhi
Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock,
Email Address: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]