Environment and Social Management Coordinator

Vacancy Number:NHLP/MAIL-525
Title: Environment and Social Management Coordinator
Duration:Project based
Exp.: 2019-07-19-(4 Days From now)
Jobs no:1
Salary:NTA Salary Scale


Organization: National Horticulture and Livestock Project (NHLP), Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestoc | About National Horticulture and Livestock Project (NHLP), Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestoc
City: Kabul
Country: AF


Education:Master degree or bachelor with 7 years experience
Work Experience:5 Years

Master degree or Bachelor in Biological Science Natural Resources Management and Agriculture or a related field with suitable experience in environmental management and monitoring with special emphasis on community development and pest management.

Master degree with minimum 5 years’ of experience or bachelor with 7 years in the environmental and natural resources or pest management of community development projects (Experience in the WB funded projects in the related areas will be given preference).


  • Fluent in English Dari and Pashto languages

  • Computer skills ( Word Excel and PowerPoint) is necessary.

  • Excellent report writing skills (in English language)

  • Willing to travels to all provinces and districts of the country. 

Note: Please clearly do mention the position title and vacancy in the subject line of your email; otherwise your application may not be considered for further process.

Duties & Responsibilities

Under direct responsibility of NHLP Project Director and close consultation with the Horticulture and Livestock Coordinators the Environment and Social Safeguard Coordinator is responsible for;

  • Overseeing the implementation of the Environmental and Social Safeguards Framework

  • Oversee and help the NHLP PMP especially the Environmental Health and Safety issues in the Pesticide application in the project.

  • Disseminate the objectives and requirements of the SEA to the relevant staff of NHLP and MAIL.

  • Help oversee the implementation and operationalization  of the NHLP Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) document that requires establishment of a Steering Committee at the MAIL.

  • Assess implement and monitor the NHLP Counter Narcotics and licit crops implementation Strategy together with the respective department of MAIL/ALP(Alternative Livelihood Program)

  • Assessment Screening and conducting community consultation on Environmental and Social issues with CDC Farmer groups and Farmer Service Centers during identification planning and implementation of sub-project activities.

  • Coordinating and liaising with PMUs and FPs to ensure effective mainstreaming of social issues like ensuring land for orchards is not disputed; and vulnerable groups women and ethnic minorities are consulted during project identification and their voices are heard.

  • Coordination and cooperation with the WB projects NEPA and MAIL Departments on implementation of PMP SEA and ESMF

  • Conducting Environmental and Social Safeguards awareness rising trainings for NHLP extension team Horticulture and Livestock as well as government counter part.

  • Preparation of site specific ESMPs for managing and ensuring due diligence of safeguards issues.

  • Proper implementation of ESMF operational and activity plan in project

  • Proper supervision and monitoring of the ESMF objectives in the project

  • Proper and result based application of the IPM approach in NHLP

  • Facilitate and contribute to capacity building lessons learned in IPM good practices case studies

  • Coordinate efforts of application of Pest Management Plan (PMP) regulations regarding pesticide importation use storage etc

  • Cross checking and reporting in the implementation of the PMP and the National Environmental Act

  • In coordination with IMP staff work on the proper enforcement of the Pesticide Act and Regulation especially on the EHS aspects.

  • Cross checking and reporting on  resource management in terms of water and land use

  • Ensure and facilitate studies whether there are any pesticide residues in the food chain

  • Scanning and reporting on the environmental degradation of pastures

  • Support mainstreaming environmental and social issues in the program.

  • Ensuring regular interaction  with  the  External  Consultants  and  World  Bank  Mission  on  NHLP Social and Environmental aspects;

  • Ensuring GRM is functioning and its outcome is reflected in regular reporting system;

  • Prepare social and environmental audits report of NHLP program on annually bases according to format laid in ESMF;

  • Develop safeguards reports and mainstream it in the NHLP reporting system of NHLP and share them regularly with other stakeholders including the Bank relevant staff.

  • The Safeguards Coordinator with the help of relevant MAIL Departments and the WB safeguards staff conduct training for the awareness raising and Capacity Development on ESMF SEA and PMP of the NHLP and relevant MAIL staff.

Submission Guideline

Please submit your updated resumes along with a cover letter quoting the Job Title to the attention of NHLP Operations Manager or email it to

[email protected]

No later than July 19 2019. The interview date/s and venue will be determined soon after the expiry of the deadline for applications.

Email: [email protected]