Finance Analyst

Vacancy Number:KVID20180627-54939
Title: Finance Analyst
Category:Accounting & Finance
Duration:12 Months
Exp.:2018-06-27-(5 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1


Organization:UDSP(MUDH) |About UDSP(MUDH)


Education:Bachelors degree in Public Finance Economics
Work Experience:2-3 of relevant experience Years


Bachelors degree in Public Finance Economics or professional qualifications in accounting with expertise in integrated financial management systems accounting and auditing in the public sector additional post graduate qualification related to the assignment will have an added advantage. Master degree holder in the mentioned disciplined will have additional advantage.
2-3 years of relevant experience in the areas of municipal finance public finance or related field with strong orientation for results is strongly recommended
Broad knowledge of and linkages between the key areas of the budget expenditure revenue taxation asset and accountability.
Prior training experience and/or the ability to develop training materials conduct training and workshop in cities would be considered a distinct advantage
excellent communication and team building skills
The ability to work well with other team players and willingness to travel to Kabul and other provinces
Fluency in written and spoken English Pashto or Dari.

Duties & Responsibilities

The main objective of the assignment is to form a team of municipal finance specialists and analysts at the city level who will work with IDLG/DMM to collect and analyze municipal finance data and contribute to developing policy recommendations and action plans that will strengthen the financial position of the targeted municipalities and elaborate a more suitable municipal finance policy framework.  The city-level Municipal Finance Analyst will have substantial experience in financial analysis (preferably at the municipal level) and strong capabilities in setting up and managing financial spreadsheets.  The MF Analyst will work under the guidance of DMM-IDLG based in one of the  respective municipalities and collaborating closely with the International Municipal Finance Specialist MF Work Stream Technical Coordinator and Municipality Finance Managers to carry out assessments build finance capacity develop procedures and systems that will improve overall performance.  The municipal finance analyst will undertake on the following roles and responsibilities:

 Roles and Responsibilities:

 Contribute to the process of financial system assessment in one of five municipalities in cooperation with and under the guidance of the municipal finance specialist based in Kabul including but not limited to the assessment of budget management expenditure management revenue management asset management systems and internal audit/control systems. The assessment will also cover Integrated Financial Management Systems (IFMS) in municipalities. The assessment will take the form of a Gap Analysis to understand where the key deficiencies are in the policies systems and practices.  The task includes data collection reviewing documents interviewing and translating documents.

Contribute to the assessment of the municipal finance policy environment including; systems procedures municipal finance regulations policies processes guidelines and human capacity under the guidance of municipal finance specialist.

Play a major role in the process of setting a performance baseline using municipal finance performance indicators in cooperation with the municipal finance specialist.

Play a major role in evaluating national and international good practices of the municipal financial management systems and contribute to benchmarking indicators for municipal finance performance for five participating municipalities.

Contribute to the development of an action plan under supervision of municipal finance specialist to address the gaps in municipal finance management including but not limited to:  budget management expenditure management revenue management assets management and internal audit / control mechanisms. Also make recommendations for improving the IFMS in municipalities. The incumbent is also to contribute to the development of an action plan for human capacity building of municipalities’ staff and to help facilitate the organization and delivery of training programs.

Conduct data collection required for municipal finance policy development and Urban Management Information System (UMIS) in cooperation with the mayor provincial MUDH director DMM-IDLG and the project core team.

Contribute to the improvement of policy and legal and regulatory areas of municipal finance through collaborative work with the Municipal Finance Specialist.

Contribute to the development of tools systems manuals guideline procedures policies and others that could improve financial performance of the municipalities by providing the necessary data and information they require under the guidance of municipal finance specialist.

Contribute to the translation of the documents and reports developed under UDSP in local languages.

Any other task assigned by municipalities and DMM-IDLG.


Complete the financial system assessment under the supervision in coordination with municipality and DMM-IDLG.

Complete the policy needs assessment in cooperation with municipalities and DMM-IDLG.

Complete the capacity building need assessment in cooperation with municipalities and DMM-IDLG.

Develop the action plan for improving municipal finance systems.

Contribute toward the planning and delivery of municipal finance training and capacity building programs.


The contract for this position shall be for a period of six months only renewable for another six months only if needed.  


The position will report to the Director of Finance at IDLG/DMM and will perform all duties in accordance with the objectives and procedures of the UDSP.  The duty station will be <Herat City> and occasional visits to Kabul for meetings and coordination purposes should be expected.

Submission Guideline

The interested candidates should consider the following conditions while submitting their application:

Please send your CV along with a cover letter electronically to the following email addresses: 

[email protected]

The email subject line must mention the vacancy number otherwise your application will not be considered.

Please note that any/all application submissions after the closing date will not be considered.
Only short listed candidates whose application responds to the above criteria will be contacted for written test/interview

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