Finance Manager

Vacancy Number:CIH-011-2018
Title: Finance Manager
Category:Accounting & Finance
Exp.: 2018-08-25-(6 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Salary:As per Organization Salary Policy


Organization: CURE International Hospital – Afghanistan | About CURE International Hospital – Afghanistan
City: Kabul
Country: AF


Education:Master degree in finance is preferred but not essential.
Work Experience:5 Years

Required Competencies and Knowledge (Qualification)

  1. Master degree in finance is preferred but not essential.

  2. It is essential that the CURE Finance Manager is fluent with reading and writing skills in Dari Pashtu and English.

  3. Excellent computer skills are required.

  4. Have Five years’ work experience in similar field

  5. Excellent Organizational and Managerial Skills


Duties & Responsibilities

Essential Job Responsibilities Include but are not limited to:


Finance Manager’s major areas of responsibility are:

  • Financial administration and reporting

  • Cost Control monitoring and reporting

  • Budget Coordination and Reporting

  • Capacity building

  • Inventory management

  • Logistics and administration

Financial Administration and Reporting

  • Ensure that proper financial procedures and systems are implemented according to international standards of Accounting.

  • Generally keep under review the finance and reporting systems and ensure compliance to the CIH standards.

  • Ensure reconciliation between management information Xledger records.

  • Conduct internal audits to ensure that all financial policies and procedures are carried out in line with CIH Kabul and local legislation.

  • Ensure compliance with all local laws filling tax returns and other reports required by government regulatory agencies

  • Ensure compliances with reporting requirement of CIH.

  • Directs the preparation of all financial reports including income statements balance sheets Gift In Kind valuation and general ledger to CIH US Office.

  • Ensure timely submissions of financial reports for the any contract or grants inline with the reporting requirements set by the donor as may be necessary from time to time.

  • Oversee annual audits and preparation of management response to auditor letter

  • Serve as resource and internal auditor for Cure Kabul to senior management and financial staff helping them improve financial planning and monitoring

  • Pricing strategy-Patient revenue review advice in liaison with Business Development Director

Cost Control Monitoring and reporting

  • Monitor ongoing level of expenditure against budget and provide timely advice on likely over and under spend.

  • Setup maintain and monitor internal control

  • Personnel cost controls monitoring -payroll

  • Cost of sales analysis and  oversight

  • Expenses reporting

Budget Coordination and reporting


  • Manage and assist in the development annual budgets for internal purposes and for CIH

  • Prepare budgets amendments and forecasts working with other senior managers.

  • Assist with the in-country development of subsequent proposal budgets and provide budget data to CIH for the new proposals

  • Conduct monthly financial reviews of spending and revenue to minimise organisational risk of deficits-actual vs projected budget comparison.

  • Calculate and report impact of proposed initiatives expenditures and/or policy changes on organisation

  • Serve as strong voice in risk assessment on funding allocations and ability to meet goals/outcomes


Capacity Building – Staff and systems


  • Train the financial staff on all areas of accounting and finance

  • Conduct periodic internal reviews of CIH Kabul financial policies procedures and systems and accounting staff suggesting updates to remain in line with best practices

  • Provide user friendly financial management reporting tools that can be used by non financial staff for both planning and tracking purposes.

  • Serve as the finance representative to managers meetings


 Inventory Management

  • Manage inventory accounting for accurate end of period reporting

  • Review the inventory systems in place and suggests better systems

  • Oversee end of period physical stock taking

  • Perform cost-benefit analysis and advises on best ways of acquiring stock-in country importation etc

Logistics Administration 

  • Customs clearance and international purchasing

  • In country procurement and local purchasing

  • Liaising with team housing coordinator on expatriate logistics-visa and permits leases billing phones tax and other legal compliance etc


  • Other duties as may be assigned by the Executive Director

  • Special projects e.g. WWL Electronic  MR


Submission Guideline

Submission guidelines :  

Applicants meeting the above qualifications are requested to submit:

An application letter and CV.
A copy of certified Diploma from Afghanistan Government.

All applications MUST be accompanied with CVs and should be submitted to:

The HR Department at CURE International Hospital Kabul

Add. Darulaman Road Near to Darulaman Palace Kabul Afghanistan.

Or by email address: [email protected]

Subject line MUST be: Finance Manager

Only short-listed candidates will be called for interview.

Note:  Please provide us with the complete information to us.

Send to this

Email: [email protected]