Finance Manager

Vacancy Number:105
Title: Finance Manager
Category:Accounting & Finance
Duration:1 year (with possibility of extension)
Exp.: 2020-04-10-(2 Days From now)
Jobs no:1
Salary:As per organization salary policy


Organization: CEFE GROUP International | About CEFE GROUP International
City: Kabul
Country: AF


Education:Master’s degree
Work Experience:10 Years

Other Responsibilities:

  • Manage the monthly financial close process including ensuring all costs incurred are properly recorded reviewing journal entries account balance reconciliations and report preparation.

  • Participate in the ongoing development/establishment of accounting policies and procedures and operational strategies including the review and implementation of process and system changes.

  • Continued focus on improving system efficiencies and business practices.

  • Participate in strategic financial projects including upgrades/phase-two implementation of ERP software.

  • Ensure compliance with internal control policies in a Group environment of multiple companies.

  • Interacts at all levels and with budget owners or other stakeholders to produce timely efficient and accurate month-end close and all internal management and financial reporting through annual report

  • Responsible for hierarchy and scalability in chart of accounts and accuracy in the general ledger and financial statements and has ultimate authority over classification and booking of all transactions

  • Analyze the effect of statutory accounting and financing practices and set regulations and guidance to ensure correct application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles across the department.

  • Make recommendations for changes as needed and ensure that company policies and procedures are followed and establishes the proper techniques to discover and prevent fraud.

  • Prepare detailed journal entries and account analyses.

  • Assist with compilation of information for preparation of tax returns both in Afghanistan.

  • Prepare summary feedback of financial statements variances to budget.

  • Actively review and advise on financial/accounting processes

Desired Competences

  • Leads teams effectively and show conflict resolution skills.

  • Consistently approach work with energy and a positive constructive attitude.

  • Builds strong relationships with clients and external actors.

  • Remain calm in control and good humored even under pressure.

  • Demonstrate openness to change and ability to manage complexities.

  • Ability to advocate and provide policy advice.

  • Ability to promote integrity and business ethics; demonstrate mature judgment trust and open communication; ability to ensure effective team work collaborative behavior and team spirit

  • Ability to develop collaborative and harmonious relationship with external partners and clients at the senior level.

  • Demonstrate excellent communication and negotiation skills to persuade and influence others.

  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize work schedules.

  • Good Personality positive towards challenges.

  • Ability to tolerate people from other backgrounds and culture.

  • Good Negotiation skills.

Duties & Responsibilities

As the Manager you will be accountable for contributing to the successful running of accounting finance and reporting activities of the Group as well as protecting and safeguarding CEFE’s Interests in assigned Projects as well as specific role in its Subsidiaries. In the role you are required to analyze the financial stability of the Group coordinate the reporting function as well as provision of financial information to other departments enabling these departments to make sound financial budgeting and operational decisions. You will be required to prepare consolidate and present financial reports update the current tax related aspects including compliance to taxation system of Afghanistan   and preparation of reports not limited to: costs productivity profits margins and company expenditures as well as manage the accounting and finance function monthly closing of accounts and preparation of reports in support of the financial statements. As a Manager you shall be effective in maintaining the fiscal focus to company’s mission and vision through analysis reporting reviewing advising and measurement as well as those related to the Financial System and Government compliance. Additionally you are required to bring in effective financial leadership and management through excellent execution of the assigned financial strategy financial integration proper resource planning financial risk management as well as all fiscal aspects in the performance of CEFE Group .

Key Responsibilities:


  • Develop financial accounting and tax strategies in congruent with the laws.

  • Manage the capital requests of CEFE Group’s and that of CEFE Subsidiaries and Projects.

  • Develop performance measures that support the companys strategic direction.


  • Communicating the business strategy and its financial implications (budget funding requirements etc.) to key stakeholders including the board of directors employees external advisors the Government and customers.

  • Lead the risk and compliance strategy in the business which includes embedding

  • a pragmatic risk identification and management methodology.

  • Supports and drive the right fiscal culture across the team.


  • Participate in key decisions as a member of the executive management team as well as offer Financial support to Projects.

  • Maintain in-depth relations with all members of the management team.

  • Oversee the financial operations of assigned subsidiary companies around the globe and assist to manage all foreign operations.

  • Manage any third parties to which functions have been outsourced like audits in all CEFE Group Subsidiaries in the Group.

  • Oversee the companys transaction processing systems.

  • Implement cost effective operational best practices.

  • Oversee emphasis on maximizing a cost-effective aspect in projects.

  • Supervise acquisition due diligence and negotiate acquisitions with suppliers.

Financial Information

  • Oversee the issuance of financial information to the board.

  • Professionally review and approve all forms of financial deals and transactions.

  • Report financial results to the board of directors and CEO.

Risk Management

  • Understand and mitigate key elements of the companys risk profile

  • Monitor all legal issues involving the company financially in contracts.

  • Construct and monitor reliable control systems in Finance.

  • Maintain appropriate insurance coverage in company assists.

  • Ensure that the company complies with all financial legal and regulatory requirements in Afghanistan as well as with its clients.

  • Ensure that record keeping meets the requirements of auditors and government agencies.

  • Maintain relations with external auditors and investigate their findings and recommendations

 ERP Development and Implementation

  • Provide high level support for the financial system including but not limited to research and resolution of system issues user support and scheduled activities.

  • Manage the day-to-day activities of the Department.

  • Assist with defining the technical strategy and plans in the ERP regarding functional business areas and manage deliverables to ensure that they align with overall long-term goals for the firm.

  • Effectively communicates and coordinate the system development activities with user departments other Information Technology business areas and/or service providers to ensure systems compatibility and cross-department financial information needs are met.


  • Monitor cash balances and cash forecasts

  • Arrange for debt and equity financing when required.

  • Develop strategies to Invest funds in the best interest of the company.

Third Parties and Banks

  • Maintain banking and financial institution relationships.

  • Represent the company in front of bankers and investors or any external parties.


  • To translate customer and procurement requirements into professional propositions that the business can utilize to expedite controlled-risk growth.

  • With advice from the CEO you will have the responsibility for negotiating supplier agreements to achieve optimal profitability and to minimize commercial risks within the bounds of the commercial contracts and frameworks.

  • Provide strategic leadership take ownership and drive improvements through the business inventory logistics supplies and stocks.

  • Continuously identify opportunities to improve profitability through working with vendors using knowledge of the business and its processes and the implementation of innovative ideas.

  • Build senior relationships with key vendors by taking a partnering approach.

Finance Team

  • Maintain and improve the financial infrastructure system and processes to support the operation of the business

  • Development and implementation of appropriate policies procedures controls and review mechanisms.

  • Develop us as well maintain an effective Finance team.

  • Providing relevant accurate and timely analysis and information.

  • Responsible for the production of financial forecasts budgets and long term plans that reflect both reality and the strategic direction of the business.

  • Oversee the company’s cash flows and funding requirements.

  • Take ultimate responsibility for all statutory reporting requirements including tax compliance ensuring that appropriate accounting policies are adopted by the business and effective tax planning is undertaken.

  • Have a demonstrable track record of leading funding and other corporate finance and related activities with entrepreneurial business mind.

Submission Guideline

NB: CEFE Group shall reserve the right to change this job description and its related requirements and responsibilities as business requires. These Job Description shall be used for evaluation of your performance.

Please send your CV with necessary certificates to below email address;

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