Finance Officer

Vacancy Number:PIN-HR/64/12019
Title: Finance Officer
Category:Accounting & Finance
Duration:One year with possible extension
Exp.: 2019-01-31-(2 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Salary:Based on PIN salary scale


Organization: People in Need | About People in Need
City: Balkh
Country: AF


Education:University degree preferably in Finance Accounting Economics or similar degree
Work Experience:Minimum 3 ’ experience in similar role in int Years

  • University degree preferably in Finance Accounting Economics or similar degree

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in similar role in international/national NGOs in Afghanistan

  • Demonstrated knowledge and experiences in managing donor funded humanitarian and development projects

  • Demonstrated knowledge and skills in developing budgets monitoring budget against allocation and provide effective feedback to budget holders

  • Experience in financial reporting of donor funded humanitarian and development projects

  • High quantitative and analytical skills

  • Excellent communication skills in English and local languages (Dari and Pashtu)

  • Believe in PIN values

  • Understanding on gender and diversity and willing to build a gender balanced team

  • Willing to travel across the country to support filed offices based on security clearance   

Duties & Responsibilities

General Objective of the Position:

Assist the Finance Department especially working under the supervision of Finance Manager to ensure all financial tasks for the mission are completed according to financial rules and regulation of the organization.


Responsibilities and tasks:

Responsibility 1: Management of Payroll

  • Drafting individual program/department payrolls on monthly basis

  • Informing relevant program/department to update their payrolls on time after sending them the individual payroll

  • Collecting HR information for the payroll

  • Managing the main payroll and getting it approved by the PM

  • After the due approval managing bank and cash salary payments

Responsibility 2: Financial Administration

  • Ensuring all relevant financial documentation are archived and updated in ELO

  • Making sure financial information is accordingly registered in Navision

  • Sending relevant financial documentation from mission to HQ (e.g. contracts contract amendments)

Responsibility 3: Stock Management

  • Ensuring project stocks are accordingly filed

  • Supervising Mazar and Kabul FAs in stock-taking overview of relevant projects

  • Finalizing year-end stock reconciliation of projects with the supervision of FM/FDO

Responsibility 4: Tax Administration

  • Maintaining good working relation with the Tax Office

  • Inform and educating relevant colleagues on tax updates

  • Supervising tax management of the whole mission and advising when needed

  • Calculating maintaining records and ensuring all taxes are paid on time

Responsibility 5: Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

  • Regularly following accounts receivable and accounts payable and informing relevant people on time to take necessary actions

  • Ensuring invoices are posted and paid on time and with all the needed information

  • Making sure necessary procurement documentation are annexed with the relevant financial documentation

  • Keeping the monthly invoice tables updated regularly

  • With the supervision of FM managing and coordinating accounting activities of the Financial Department with HQ

Responsibility 6: Cost Allocation

  • Allocating costs from uncovered lines onto project lines based on the mission coverage table

  • Ensuring costs are coded accordingly in implementation cards and while posting invoices

  • Making sure PIN donor and local (e.g. MoF) where applicable financial rules and regulations are followed and costs are eligible

  • Ensuring cost allocation ratios are maintained while allocation is being done onto projects

  • Making corrections to cost allocations

  • Advising PMs on cost allocation

  • Coordinating drawing updates with PMs/FDO and other relevant parties

Responsibility 7: Financial Reporting

  • Drafting financial reports for both internal and external stakeholders

  • Ensuring donor financial reporting templates are accordingly followed

  • Contacting relevant person at the donor’s office in case of any concern

  • Finalizing the report with the supervision FM/FDO

  • Making sure final copy of the report is accordingly archived in ELO

Responsibility 8: Mission Economy

  • Assisting Finance Manager in drafting and finalizing mission coverage table

  • Ensuring all costs are budgeted realistically

  • Making sure all possible funding sources are accounted for

  • Analyzing the bigger picture with the assistance of FM/FDO and keeping an eye on the uncovered/covered amount

  • Advising on initiation of operational costs based on availability of funding

  • Analyzing budget vs. actual expenditure raising relevant issues and informing FM and relevant people on time

Responsibility 9: Mission Cash Flow Analysis

  • Ensuring project payment requests are done on time and funds are received

  • Receiving bi-monthly funding requirements of projects and/or departments

  • Finalizing bi-monthly mission money request

  • Registering the money request into ELO and ensuring funding is released on time from HQ

Responsibility 10: Audits

  • Entertaining auditing panels

  • Ensuring all the to-be-audited project documentation are ready beforehand

  • Following up the outcome of the audit

  • Analyzing the findings of the audit

  • Making sure all the relevant people in the mission are aware of the findings

  • Introducing new and/or improved procedures to address the findings and avoid them in the future


  • Carry out other tasks as necessary and assigned by the line manager which are manageable within working hours and in line with financial roles.

Submission Guideline

Interested male & female candidates are encouraged to apply. Only those candidates will be called for interview who meet the qualification and requirements for the mentioned position. 

Please follow the below link and fill out the form completely:

Closing date will be 31-Jan-2019