Finance Officer

Vacancy Number:EZ-Kar/S-IC-14
Title: Finance Officer
Category:Accounting & Finance
Duration:One Year
Exp.: 2019-03-31-(2 Weeks From now)
Jobs no:1
Salary:NTA Grade: B


Organization: Kabul Municipality, Kabul MunIcipal Development Program (KMDP) | About Kabul Municipality, Kabul MunIcipal Development Program (KMDP)
City: Kabul
Country: AF


Education:Bachelor’s Degree
Work Experience:7 Years

Budgeting and Planning

Support the project teams in preparation of annual Work Plans and prepare annual Cash Plans and cash forecasts based on Work Plans.

In accordance with government and KM rules and regulations prepare annual budget estimates based on Work Plan/Cash Plan and submit to MOF and relevant forum for approval.

Prepare annual and quarterly disbursement forecasts for all components of the project in line with project’s procurement plan and Work Plan/Cash Plan.


Funds Management

Ensure that the Special Accounts to be established for the project for KM is administered in accordance with WB and MoF requirements.

Prepare realistic cash forecasts on quarterly basis in close coordination with sector specialists and submit to the donor for advance and replenishment of advance.

Prepare and process withdrawal application in accordance with the Bank’s Disbursement Guidelines & Procedures for drawing funds from the assignment accounts opened for each component.

Track funds and follow up with KM finance directorate and the World Bank to ensure availability of funds.

Periodically and at least quarterly reconcile project records with WB Client Connection records relating to disbursements from the WB grant.


Expenditure/Payment Processing

Liaise effectively as needed with MoF Budget and Treasury departments for smooth processing of project payments.

Ensure compliance with internal control framework (Operations Manual Financial Management Manual SOPs and the Bank’s fiduciary guidelines etc.) and government rules and procedures while processing payments

Ensure budget availability before processing any transaction; and that applicable sanctioning and approval procedures are followed.

Apply pre-audit checks on all payments before payment from the assignment accounts.

Ensure that No Objection Letter (NOL) is obtained from the Bank for every prior review activity before processing any payment.

Manage financial aspects of the contracts under administration including payment terms purchase orders and variation orders.


Accounting and Record Management

Record all transactions in timely and accurate manner in books of accounts and ensure that no expenditure remained unaccounted.

Maintain accounts on cash basis as per government and KM accounting procedure.

Oversee the process of entering transaction level data in the financial management system and generating vouchers from the system

Ensure up-to-date maintenance of adequate registers books of accounts and records in appropriate order and format to meet the government and donors’ requirements and to facilitate classification and analyzing the financial information for monitoring the projects progress.

Prepare supplementary record which provides timely and up-to-date financial information of contracts.

Maintain imprest of petty cash and ensure separate petty cash book and petty cash vouchers are maintained.

Prepare monthly bank reconciliation statements of the designated/special account.

Under the direct supervision of the Sr. Finance Specialist be the payroll manager for EZ-Kar Component 4 responsible for accurate and timely payment of salaries of staff. Prepare and process monthly payroll and obtain management approval prior to making any payment under salaries.

Ensure that the fixed assets records are maintained for the projects identifying location and user of each asset and arrange for the annual and periodical inventory of the assets and updating of the records.

Ensure safe custody of all financial records for review by Bank Missions third party monitoring agents; and external & internal auditors.

Ensure that project transactions are reconciled periodically with AFMIS data and KM’s bank statements at least on a monthly basis.

Financial Reporting and Skills

Prepare periodic financial reports for each project and submit to the management for review and approval.

Ensure that annual financial statements and other monthly and quarterly reports as specified under the Financing Agreement and as per recommended/suggested by Bank supervision missions are accurately prepared and timely submitted.

Define and produce other financial reports as and when required by the management.

Effective at maintaining and following established filing systems and protocols

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Ability to work in a fast-paced stressful environment

Ability to exhibit strong commitment in the relevant disciplines

Excellent written and oral communication skills in English Dari and Pashto.

Ability to work with and be a partner of a team.

Ability to work efficiently and to meet deadlines

Ability to function effectively in a team environment inspiring trust and cooperation of other

Ability to analyze complex issues and develop alternative solutions;

Ability to prepare written reports and make recommendations; make oral presentations to a variety of audiences in finance and budget related topics;

Working knowledge of World Bank and GoIRA financial management systems is desirable.



Make arrangements for timely initiation and completion audit of EZ-Kar and ensure that report produced is in compliance with audit requirements of the Government and the Bank

Ensure the projects are adequately reflected in audit plan of internal auditors and that internal audit is periodically conducted in accordance with the internal audit plan.

Cooperating with World Bank Government and other partners to improve project financial management particularly in terms of following up the action points agreed in the project legal documents during the World Bank supervision missions Aide Memoires and the recommendations of external auditors and internal auditors.

Attend entry and exit meetings with external auditors facilitate timely completion of audits by arranging timely submission of annual financial statement in appropriate format supply of information and documents responding to queries.

Prepare working papers on audit observations raised by external auditors and arrange meeting to settle the audit observations to the extent legally and logically possible.

In addition to annual audit facilitate all other reviews such as internal audit by MoF Bank review and any other review by donors/ government.

Provide required orientations to the FM staff of the implementing agencies.



Logistical Arrangements and Contracting


The contract will be a time-based payment contract and include a period of six months and may be renewed subject to satisfactory performance.

The Sr. financial officer will report directly to the Sr. Finance Specialist and the KMDP Team Leader.

The assignment will terminate upon end of contract tenure or upon the issue of the KM’s dissatisfaction with the work of specialist whichever is earlier the contract may be extended for a further period after end of contract subject to need funding availability and satisfactory performance.

Duties & Responsibilities

Finance Officer will support Sr. Finance Specialist and Sr. Finance Officer who have the overall responsibility to ensure that financial management arrangements of the Component 4 of the EZ-Kar project are maintained in accordance with legal agreements and relevant World Bank MoEC and government guidelines and procedures. Jointly with the Sr. Finance Officer Finance Officer will be responsible for the following tasks related to Component 4 of the EZ-Kar Project

Submission Guideline

Interested candidates should submit their Application in writing and clearly indicating the position and vacancy number.

Please note while sending your CV & Cover letter clearly highlighting how you are suitable for the position mention the vacancy number and position in the subject line application received after the closing date (26-February-2017) and without subject will not be given consideration.

Only short listed candidates whose application responds to the above criteria will be contacted for written test and interview.

Email: [email protected]