First Aid Trauma Post Nurse

Vacancy Number:PU-AMI/HR/KBL/001018
Title: First Aid Trauma Post Nurse
Duration:1 Year (12 Months) possibility of extension
Exp.: 2018-09-22-(10 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Salary:As per the Organization salary scale


Organization: PU-AMI | About PU-AMI
City: Laghman
Country: AF


Education:Nursing valid certificate from MoPH.
Work Experience:1 year NGO experience would be a significant asset Years


• Graduated from grade 12th.

• Graduated from nursing institute Background in Public Health and has to have valid certificate from MoPH.

• Willingness to carry out frequent field visits throughout Laghman province

• Good knowledge of Laghman province is an asset

• Good communication skills

• 1 year NGO experience would be a significant asset

Duties & Responsibilities

General Conditions of Employment:

The employee shall abide to this job description his/her employment contract PU-AMI Afghanistan National Staff Regulations together with its annexes and attachments as well as any rules regulations internal policy that may be adopted by PU-AMI Afghanistan

Work relationship

Work under the responsibility of: HF Medical Doctor

Supervision of: N/A

In direct cooperation with: Health Facility teams Staff

Under direct management of the Medical Doctor the Nurse is responsible for the following main activities in order to ensure the provision of quality of care in MDM health stations:

• Ensure the patients triage registration and measurements of vital signs

• Realize paramedics acts

• Dressing and first aid care of injured patients

• Facilitate the referral of patients

• Take part to the management of pharmaceutical goods and medical equipment

• Conduct health education/promotion sessions

• Recording and reporting of beneficiaries.

Tasks and responsibilities

• Ensure the patients triage registration and measurements of vital signs

- Organize the waiting time of patients by ensuring a well-organized queue system according to priorities emergency cases and first come first served basis

- Identify patient in need of urgent care and refer them immediately to the Medical Doctor

- Ensure pregnant old people very sick and children are prioritized in the waiting area

- Register any patient coming to seek care in the registration book

- Take the measure of vital signs (blood pressure heart rate respiratory rate temperature) for all registered patients

- Take the weight of any pregnant women

- Take the MUAC weight and height of any children below five years old. A specific attention should be paid to children below 1 year old

• Realize paramedics acts

- Follow the basic medical rules of hygiene/IP when performing any paramedics act

- Do injections according to necessity and/or prescription and in respect to PU-AMI protocols and rules of hygiene

- Perform any other acts (e.g.: aerosol bandage) as required by the Medical Doctor in respect to PU-AMI protocols and rules of hygiene

- Perform dressing and first aid to injured patients.

• Facilitate the referral of patients

- Respect the PU-AMI Standards of Procedures for referral of patient

- Upon the decision of the Medical Doctor participate to the referral of patient to other health facilities by recording information in the referral book and assisting the Medical Doctor as required

- Accompany patients to the external referral HF when required

- Ensure the patient follow up in respect to Medical Doctor recommendations

• Conduct health education/promotion sessions

- Conduct short health education/promotion sessions to the patients in the different waiting areas as much as possible

- Spread main messages about the following topics: hygiene immunization antenatal care post-natal care assisted delivery family planning ARI diarrhea or any other relevant topics.

- Share key messages during individual consultation in relation to specific health need of each patient

• Recording and reporting of beneficiaries.

- Tally and register each patient in dressing and HMIS registers.

- Prepare charts and graphs of the beneficiaries.

- Prepare weekly and monthly reports and submit it on time to provincial office.


Submission Guideline

Please note while sending your C.V & Cover letter please mention the vacancy number and position in the subject list application received after the closing date and without subject list will not be taken in consideration. Local applicants from the same province are encourage to apply and will be given priority.
Email: [email protected]
Hard copies of C.V can be submitted to below PU-AMI offices:
PU-AMI Jalalabad: Regi Shahmard Khan Sayeed Kaykhan Shops Street # 1 House# 4 Near to old Justice department.
PU-AMI Kabul office: House No. 278 Road 3 street 8 District 10 Shahr-e-Now- close to ACBAR office-Kabul Afghanistan
Note: Only short listed candidates whose application responds to the above criteria will be contacted.

Email: [email protected]