Gynecologist specialist

Vacancy Number:HRM-43
Title: Gynecologist specialist
Exp.: 2018-07-21-(9 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1
Salary:According to the organization policy


Organization: Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance | About Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance
City: Farah
Country: AF


Education:Post university specailization
Work Experience:2 in related field Years

Qualifications : 

1. Gyn/obs specialist and certified by MoPH 

2. 2 years experaince in related field.

3. Knwoledage about primary health care 

4. Knosledage about reporting and filling of pateints

5. Famillar with local language 

6. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills 


Duties & Responsibilities

Overall responsibilities:

• Accurate observance and compliance with the rules laid down at the hospital.

• Responsible for the General Directorate for Nursing and Maternity division of the duties of the relevant department staff supervision and control of them

• Providing health services according to national standards in different sectors and providing IEC in all sectors.

• Diagnosis treatment and care for patients and maternity and day care planning for patients.

• Responsible for the accurate pursuit of the registry and the pursuit of the treatment and collection of information and the moni toring of HMIS monthly reports.

• Follow up preoperative procedures and preserve spyware and anti-seizures protocols.

• Establishing a system of reciprocal reparation for cases of maternity and paternity requiring returns to specialized hospitals.

• Identify and report immediately any problems that prevent the program from achieving its objectives.

• Participate in training design and implementation during the implementation of the duty for employees in the Volodya.

• Regular and everyday monitoring of the work of al-Adhaff and Nadiya and Vlady.

• Supervision of the fairness of the correct medical records cases of patients entered into a nonsense.

• Solve timely problems in the treatment department.

• Active participation in co-ordination of affairs and raising the quality of health services at the hospital level.

• Advance and set up breakfast reports and schedule meetings with staff for improving skills.

• Creating a climate of intimacy trust mutual respect and discrepancy between entrusted personnel.

• Set up educational programs (syllabus) to collaborate and guide cataracts.

• obey the supreme emperor and relevant orders in the performance of any official duties assigned to him


Submission Guideline

Submission guidelines:  


Interested and qualified candidates can submit an application letter along with his/her CV to the HR Department CHA main office Kabul through email address   : [email protected] [email protected]

Only those candidates who meet the qualification and requirements for the mentioned posts will be called for interview.

 Contact Details: 

Address: Charah-i-Qambar Jim part 5th District CHA main office Kabul Afghanistan

Mobile#: 0729128405

Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]