Helath Field Officer ( Senior Medical Officer)

Vacancy Number:KVID20180530-53677
Title: Helath Field Officer ( Senior Medical Officer)
Category:Health Care
Exp.:2018-05-30-(5 Months Ago)
Jobs no:1


Organization:ICRC |About ICRC


Education:• University degree in health sector
Work Experience:• 10 work experience in health field with pr Years

~~• University degree in health sector
• Postgraduate master’s degree/diploma in public health or health management a strong asset
• 10 years work experience in health field with proven program management. 
• Excellent knowledge of Afghan National Health system and other related health entities i.e. WHO NGOs   Health Education system
• Proven program management skills and team building competencies.
• Fluent in written and spoken English and in local language(s)
• Confirmed  leadership skills
• Good communication skills
• Good computer skills
• Good analytical skills

~~Personal qualifications
Meticulous sense of responsibility organizational skills ability to take initiative and to work independently team spirit patience perseverance adaptability self-confidence ability to travel  nationally and internationally. 

Duties & Responsibilities

~~Main Responsibilities 


• Advisor to Health Coordination on national Health structure and policies.

• Maintains a global understanding Ministry of Health structure.

• Monitors the EPHS/BPHS revision process within the MOPH and informs health team. Receives updates on new and revised MoPH policies/procedures/guidelines and ensures that ICRC/ARCS programs are updated accordingly. 

• Develops and maintains a network of relevant health contacts within National Health Authorities UN health departments NGOs and  Health Training Institutes

• Represents ICRC at external   Health meetings at central level and  informs Health team on relevant issues.(Health Cluster Polio Health development Partner forum) 

Health Care in Danger 

• Focal person for HCiD and member of the HCiD Steering Committee and participates in relevant meetings on policy strategy and activities.

• Supports expansion of HCiD program to raise awareness among Health authorities and health personnel.

• Supports field sites to expand program within their area of responsibility. (AoR)

• Liaises with Health Authorities medical training institutions to raise awareness conduct HCiD dissemination sessions and related trainings.

Planning Monitoring   

• Contributes to annual review and planning of health programs.  

• Monitors global health situation in Afghanistan including mass casualty epidemics/outbreaks (e.g. polio CCHF)   health situation.

• Maintains communication with Kabul hospitals treating war wounded following major events resulting in mass casualties to ensure support with medical materials. 

• Provides analysis and interpretation of national health data and reports.

Capacity Building

• Supports capacity building of resident Health staff to develop in specific roles.

• Sources relevant training opportunities with ICRC and externally to support career development of staff.

• Focal person for planning and implementation of War Wounded Seminars. 


• Advises on culture politics general situation and shares relevant information related to the context.

• Acts as reference point during supervisors absences.

• Contributes to the analysis of the security socio-economic cultural and political environment relevant to the ICRC and shares relevant information with colleagues.

• Ensures necessary administrative work is implemented on time i.e. reporting needs minutes of meetings.   Time reporting budget 

• Provides input in the appraisal of the KAB Field Officers.

• Develops and maintains a pleasant working atmosphere with colleagues and superiors.

• Participates in conflict management.

• Participates in internal meetings.

• Conducts Health briefings for new ICRC mobile and resident staff in absence of Health CO. 

Interpretation – Translation

• Interprets accurately from English to National languages and vice versa as required.

• Proof read all translation done by ICRC for what regards health activities (MoU official letters…)

• Translates documents from English to National languages and vice versa as required

• Adapts behaviour to various interlocutors


Submission Guideline

Interested applicants are requested to submit their application electronically through Kab_hr_services @icrc.org  

Email:Kab_hr_services @icrc.org